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Raise the injured part as high as you can above the heart, press very firmly with sterile pad under thumb or fingers on or into the wound.  Blood from a vein will be dark red or purplish and will flow in a steady stream.  Press upon the vein below the wound.  Put on a clean pad and bind it upon the wound firmly enough to stop bleeding.  Blood from an artery will be bright red and will probably spurt in jets.  Press very hard above the wound.  Tie a strong bandage (handkerchief, belt, suspenders, rope, strip of clothing) around the wounded member, and between the wound and the heart.  Under it and directly over the artery place a smooth pebble, piece of stick, or other hard lump.  Then thrust a stout stick under the bandage and twist until the wound stops bleeding.  A tourniquet should not remain over twenty-four hours.


Wash blistered feet in hot water and then in alcohol or in cold water with a little baking powder or soda added.  Wipe them dry and then rub them with a tallow candle or some fat.


Apply compresses of hot or cold water to keep down swelling and discoloration.  Also apply witch hazel.


Use vaseline, baking soda, bread, the white of an egg, flour and water, butter, grease, or fat; or mix flour and soda with fat, or soap with sugar and make into a paste, or put a teaspoonful of baking powder into a pint of warm water and pour it on a piece of gauze and put this on the burn or scald, covering it with cotton and a bandage.  Never let a burn be exposed to the air, but cover it at once if the pain is intense.


Mix a good dash of pepper with a little ginger in sweetened hot water and drink it.  Get into bed at once.  Cover with blankets and put hot water bottle at feet.


Force yourself to swallow pieces of dry bread or drink some water.  Let some one slap the back.


Pour boiling water over two heads of elder blossoms, brew for twenty minutes, and drink a small cup hot on going to bed.  Or drink hot lemonade or hot ginger tea.  In any case, keep warm and out of a draft.


Use cathartic pills, or castor oil.  Eat plenty of prunes or fruit.  Drink plenty of water.


Always clean thoroughly all open wounds to prevent infection, and accelerate healing.  Carbolic, left on a wound for any time at all may result in carbolic poisoning or in gangrene.  Use pure alcohol (not wood or denatured, as both are poisonous), or a teaspoonful of sulphur-naphthol to a basin of water, or 1:1000 corrosive sublimate solution (wad with flexible collodion).  Do not use vaseline or any other substance on a freshly abrased surface.  After a scab has formed, vaseline may be applied to keep this scab soft.  Never close a wound with court plaster[1].  The only legitimate uses for sticking or adhesive plaster are to hold dressings in place where bandaging is difficult, or in case of a cut to keep edges closed without sewing the skin.

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