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One-half dozen assorted gauze bandages, sizes one to three inches, 10 cents each.  Two yards sterilized plain gauze in carton, 20 cents a yard.  One roll three-inch adhesive plaster, $1.00.  One paper medium size safety pins, 10 cents.  One paper medium size common pins, 5 cents.  Four ounces sterilized absorbent cotton in cartons, 20 cents.  One-half dozen assorted egg-eyed surgeon’s needles, straight to full curve, 50 cents.  One card braided silk ligature, assorted in one card (white), about 30 cents.  One hundred ordinary corrosive sublimate tablets, 25 cents.  Small surgical instrument set, comprising (F.  H. Thomas Co., Boston, Mass., $3.50). 2 scalpels Forceps Director Probe Curette Scissors

One Hypodermic Syringe, all metal, in metal case, $1.50. 
One Fountain Syringe (for enemata and ears). 
One one-minute clinical thermometer in rubber case, $1.25.  Get
best registered instrument. 
One number nine soft rubber catheter, 25 cents. 
Small bottle collodion[1] with brush. 
One-quarter pound Boric acid powder, 25 cents. 
Four ounces Boric acid ointment, 50 cents. 
One-quarter pound Boric acid crystals, 25 cents.  Carbolic Acid,
95 cents. 
Hypodermic tablets, cocaine hydro-chlorate, 1-1/8 grain, making
in two drachms sterile water or one per cent solution. (To be
used by Physician only.)
Alcohol, 80 per cent. 
Sulpho Napthol. 
Iodoform gauze. 
Chloroform liniment.

[Transcriber’s Footnote 1:  collodion:  Flammable, colorless or yellowish syrupy solution of pyroxylin, ether, and alcohol, used as an adhesive to close small wounds and hold surgical dressings, in topical medications, and for making photographic plates.]

With the above list the ingenious man can perform practically every surgical operation that he would care to undertake.

For “First Aid” demonstration work you will need a number of Red Cross Outfits. 25 cents each. (31 cents postpaid.)

Medical Store

(Tablets to be used hypodermically should be used only by a physician.)

Quinine Sulphate, gr. 5.  Useful in malarial regions.  Give 15-20 gr. at time of expected chill.  Better stay away from malarial country.  No place for a camp.

Calomel, gr. 1/4, 200 at 10 cents per C. Take one tablet every 30 minutes or every hour, for eight doses in all cases where bowels need thorough cleaning out.

Phenacetine and Salol, of each gr. 2-1/2, 100 at 50 cents per C. One tablet every four hours.  For headache and intestinal antisepsis.  Dangerous as a depressant to heart.

Dover’s Powders, gr. 5, 100 at 50 cents per C. Two tablets at bedtime, in hot water or lemonade, in acute colds.  One after each meal may be added.

Dobell’s Solution Tablets, 200 at 25 cents per C. One as a gargle in one-half glass hot water every two to four hours in tonsilitis and pharyngitis.

Potassium Bromide, gr. 10, 100 at 25 cents per C. For headache.  Best given in solution after meals.  May irritate an empty stomach.

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