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13.  Nervous breakdown.  Epilepsy.  Tumor or break in brain.  Cranial neuralgia.  Disease of neck bones.  Adenoids.  Ear disease.  Eye strain.  Bad teeth.

14.  Spinal trouble.

15.  Disease of stomach.  Weakening of aorta.

16.  Hand and arm pains indicate:  Heart disease.  Enlarged spleen.  Clogged large intestines.

17.  Nervous breakdown.

18.  Eye strain.  Disease of nasal cavity.  Lack of blood.  Dyspepsia.  Constipation.  Rheumatism of scalp.  Nervous breakdown.

19.  Bad teeth.  Ear inflammation.  Cancer of upper Jaw.  Neuralgia of Jaw nerve.

20.  Bad teeth.  Neuralgia of Jaw nerve.

21.  Clogged large intestines.  Ulcer of stomach.

22.  Lumbago.  Neuralgia.  Debility.  Fatigue.  Weakness of abdominal aorta.

23.  Girdle sensation indicates disease or injury of spinal cord.

24.  Disease of testicles.  Excessive sex abuse.  Ulcer or cancer rectum.  Piles.  Disease of hip-joint.  Neuralgia.  Sciatica.

25.  Kidney disease.  Neuralgia.

26.  Intestines clogged.  Cancer or ulcer of rectum.  Locomotor ataxia.  Abscess in back.  Sciatica (if in one leg only).

27.  Cramps due to over exercise.  Diabetes.  Hysteria.

[Transcriber’s Footnote 1:  Catarrh:  Inflammation of mucous membranes in nose and throat.]

[Transcriber’s Footnote 2:  Ataxia:  Loss of coordinated muscular movement.]

Typhoid Fever

The epidemic chiefly to be feared in summer camps is typhoid fever, and boys coming from cities where that disease is prevalent should be carefully watched.  Care in sanitation minimizes the likelihood of such a disease springing up in the camp.  Other infections, such as mumps, conjunctivitis, etc., should be carefully isolated, and all precautions taken to prevent their spread.

A fairly common event may be toward evening to find a boy with a headache and a temperature perhaps of 102 degrees.  This will probably be all right in the morning after a night’s rest and perhaps the administration also of a cathartic.

The Dentist

The importance of a visit to the dentist before coming to camp cannot be over-estimated.  Every one knows the torture of a toothache, and realizes how unbearable it must be for a boy away from home and among other boys, sympathetic, of course, but busy having a good time, and with only a few patent gums to relieve the misery, and the dentist perhaps not available for two days.  Parents cannot have this point too forcibly thrust upon them, as by even a single visit to a competent dentist all the sufferings of toothache may usually be prevented.

Surgical Supplies

The following list of surgical supplies will be found necessary.  The quantity must be determined by the size of the camp, and the price by the firm from whom purchased.

Surgical Supplies

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