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Sermons in Stones—­Amos R. Wells.  Doubleday, Page & Company, $1.00.

Parables from Nature—­Mrs. Gatty.  Colportage Library, 15 cents.

A Good Bible Dictionary and Concordance.

Books upon the religious life of Boys: 

The Boy and the Church—­Eugene C. Foster.  The Sunday School Times Co., 75 cents net.

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The Child and His Religion—­George E. Dawson.  University of Chicago, 75 cents net.

Religion in Boyhood—­Ernest B. Layard.  E. P. Dutton and Company, 75 cents net.


Good cooking
food charts
digestion charts
table of weights and measures
purchase of food
grocery list
the Steward
commissary department
the cook
list of foods
week of menus
A few hints
table etiquette
grace at meals
dish washing

We may live without friends, we may live without books,
But civilized man cannot live without cooks.

Good Cooking

The normal boy sums up life in two words of three letters each:  “F-u-n” and “E-a-t.”  As long as there is plenty of fun and plenty to eat, he thinks life is worth living, and he is not so far from the truth, for it is only when the fun of living dies within us, and our digestive apparatus refuses to do its function that we “become of all men most miserable.”  A boy will put up with all sorts of inconvenience but rebels at once at poor food and bad cooking.  The good nature, congenial atmosphere, and contentedness of camp life is largely due to good cooking.  Economize in every other way, but think twice before cheap cooks are employed or a cheap grade of food purchased.

[Illustration:  Where They Eat to Live]

A good cook will economize, he knows what to do with left-overs and how to prepare menus of variety.  The quantity of swill soon reveals the worth of the cook.  In a large camp a hundred dollars may easily find its way into the garbage can because of cheap cooks and poor food.  A growing boy demands relatively more of the tissue-building kind of food than a grown person, because the body is being built up.  When the full stature is reached the tissue-building part of the food is only required to take the place of that worn out each day.  Professor Atwater has told us that the boy of fifteen or sixteen requires ninety per cent of the food ration of the adult man engaged in moderate muscular work.  Boys at twelve require seventy per cent.

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