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Lesson 10.  Chums—­friendship 1 Sam. 18:1-4.  True friendship. 1 John 4:11.  Love one another. 1 Cor. 13:4-7.  To the end.


Chum means “to abide with,” to share the same tent.  Camp chums.  David and Jonathan.  The genuine article.  Helping each other.  The Friend—­Jesus Christ.


Build a camp fire along the shore.  Read alternately the twenty-first chapter of the gospel of St. John.  The fire on the beach.  John 21:9.


Jesus was there—­Jesus is here. 
Peter confessed Him there.  John 21:15-17. 
Who will confess Him here? 
Peter denied Him by another fire.  Luke 22:54-62. 
Will you deny Him here? 
P. S. Make this a decision meeting.


Luke 5:1-11.  Fishers of men.


Sometimes fish are caught and used as bait to catch others.  When a boy becomes a Christian he should bring to others the same blessing.

Patience is essential in fishing—­same in winning boys to Christ.  Every fisherman expects to catch fish.  To lead others to Christ is the noblest work in the world.  Dan. 12:  3.

Tent Devotions

In some camps a bit of Scripture is read each night in the tent just before retiring.  The following readings having been prepared by W. H. Wones, C. C. Robinson, Arthur Wilson and Charles R. Scott for use at Camp Wawayanda.  Just before taps, if you have a good cornetist, have him go a short distance from the camp and play a well known hymn, like “Abide With Me,” “Nearer, My God, to Thee,” “Lead, Kindly Light,” then play “taps.”  The effect is wonderful, and prevents all inclination toward noise or “rough house.”



1.  Personal Work on a Journey.  John 4:5-15. 2.  Its Results.  John 4:27-30, 39, 42. 3.  The Disciples’ Trip for Service.  Mark 6:7-13. 4.  Their Interrupted Vacation.  Mark 6:  30-42. 5.  A Night on the Lake.  Mark 6:45-56. 6.  A Foolish Journey.  Luke 15:11-17. 7.  A Wise Return.  Luke 15:18-24. 8.  The Welcome Guest.  John 12:1-9. 9.  A Fishing Experience.  John 21:1-14. 10.  Spending a Night on a Mountain.  Luke 9:28-36. 11.  Vacation Suggestion:  “Keep Sweet.”  Psalm 34:8-15. 12.  Vacation Suggestion:  “Stick to Principle.”  Psalm 119:25-32. 13.  Vacation Suggestion:  “Confess Christ. “; Matthew 10:24-33. 14.  Vacation Suggestion:  “Keep up Bible Study.”; Psalm 119:1-8. 15.  Vacation Suggestion:  “Write Good Letters.” 1 Corinthians 16:3-13. 16.  Speaking for Christ While Traveling; Acts 8:26-39. 17.  A Queen’s Visit. 1 Kings 10:1-10.

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