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The methods of punishment are as varied as the colors of the rainbow.  In one camp, a “Meditation Log,” upon which the boy sits and thinks, and thinks, and thinks, and—.  No doubt he is a sadder and wiser boy for his period of meditation.  A “wood pile” where boys saw from one to five or more sticks of cord wood into stove lengths, is an economic mode of punishment, for it not only provides wood for the kitchen stove, but hardens the boys’ muscle as well as helps him to remember his mistakes and to avoid repetition.  Walking around the campus for a certain length of time carrying an oar over the shoulder, is another method.  Curtailing a boy’s privileges, such as swimming, boating, taking away his dessert, are other methods in vogue in boys’ camps.  When a boy swears, if he is a “scout,” the other “scouts” pour a cup of cold water down the offender’s sleeve or back, for each offence.  Some boys have been cured of swearing by having their mouths washed out with “Welcome Soap,” publicly, along the shore of the lake or stream, with camp-mates as silent spectators.  Make the “punishment fit the crime,” but always the kind of punishment which the boy will acknowledge is deserved and just.  Never punish in anger.

Private Talks

A “heart-to-heart” talk with the boy during a walk in the woods, or in some quiet place of the camp, will do more good to get him to see and realize his need of adjustment to camp life and enlist his willingness to try again and to “do his best” than any form of physical punishment.

When it becomes necessary to send a boy home, always telegraph or write his parents, telling them on what train or boat they may expect him and the reason for sending him home.

[Illustration:  Raising the Flag—­Camp Kineo.]


A morning prayer requisites of A camper 7.00, “Reveille” 7.15, The dip 7.30, Breakfast 8.30, Camp duties 9.30 To 11, educational recreation 11, “Blankets in” 11.30, Swimming time 12, noon inspection 12.30, Dinner 12.45 To 2, “Siesta” 2 To 4.30, Sports 4.30, Preparation for the night 5, general inspection 5.45, “Colors” 6, Supper 6.45, Meditation and study 7.15, Campus games 8, camp fire and entertainment 8.45, “TattooAnd hymn 9, “TapsAndGood night

A Morning Prayer

The day returns and brings in the petty round of irritating concerns and duties.  Help us to play the man, help us to perform them with laughter and kind faces.  Let cheerfulness abound with industry.  Give us to go blithely on our business all the day.  Bring us to our resting beds weary and content and undishonored, and grant us in the end the gift of sleep.  —­Robert Louis Stevenson.

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