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Paper Drinking Cup.

Take a piece of clean paper about 6 inches square and fold it on the dotted lines, as shown in Figure 1, so as to make a triangle.  Do not use paper having anything printed on it, as there is danger of poison from the ink.  The other folds are made in the dotted lines, as shown in Figure 2.  Each pointed end of the triangle is turned over on one side, as shown in Figure 3, then the sheets of the remaining points are separated and each one folded down on its respective side.  This practical idea is furnished by R. H. Lufkin in Popular Mechanics for February, 1911.

Board of Health

Boys should be encouraged to cooperate in keeping the camp clean.  A Board of Health may be organized, to be composed of an equal number of boys and camp leaders with the camp physician, or director of the camp as chairman.

[Illustration:  A Paper Drinking Cup]

The duties of the board will be to inspect daily the toilets, sinks, and drains, the water supply, the garbage disposal and waste barrels; condemn everything that is unsanitary, and correct all sanitary disorders.  The board will also arrange for a series of talks upon “Sanitation and Health,” such as: 

Sunshine and Health
Johnnie and the Microbes
Dirt and Cleanliness
Fresh Air
Flies and Filth
Health—­Its Value and Its Cost.

Have the boys write essays upon these subjects and give credits or points for original interpretation, accuracy of report of talk given, and observance and correction of sanitary disorders.


Clean up as you go.  Sunshine and dryness are great microbe killers.  It is better to keep clean, than to get clean.  Dirt, dampness and disease can often be avoided by decency, dryness and determination.  Uncleanness is at the root of many of the evils which cause suffering and ill health.  Fire is the best disinfectant.  Typhoid fever and cholera are carried by dirty habits, by dirty water and dirty milk.


Camp Sanitation-Review and Herald Pub.  Assn., Washington, D. C. 6 cents.  A twelve-page folder of useful hints on what to do and what not to do.

Wastes and Their Disposal—­Henry J. Barnes, M.D.  Health-Education League, Boston, Mass., 4 cents.  An authoritative booklet written by the Professor of Hygiene, Tufts Medical School.  This League publishes a number of very valuable and comprehensive booklets on health subjects.

Good Health—­Francis Gulick Jewett.  Ginn and Co., 40 cents.  Gives detail instruction in matters of health and hygiene.  Prepared especially for younger people.

Health—­B.  Franklin Richards.  Pacific Press Pub.  Co., $1.00.  Written in language easily understood and filled with sensible suggestions.

[Illustration:  “The Sardines”—­Eight Boys in a 12X14 Tent—­Camp Becket]


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