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“My face marks the sunny hours,
What can you say of yours.”

“Grow old along with me,
The best is yet to be.”

Translation of motto on Cathedral Sun dial, St. Augustine. 
“The hours pass and we are held accountable.”

The illustration shows how to locate the North or Pole Star.

F. O. Van Ness gives the following directions for making a pair of moccasins: 

[Illustration:  Sioux Moccasin]

Fig. 1.  Place foot on leather or canvas and draw outline of foot.  Turn same and make pattern for other foot.

Fig. 2.  Distance GB equals length of foot plus one inch; distance AC equals width across instep plus one-half inch; cut DF halfway between B and G; cut EG halfway between A and C. Cut piece reverse of this for other moccasin.  Place B of Fig. 2 to B of Fig. 1, and sew overhand with wax cord the edges from B to A and B to C, bringing A and C of Fig. 2 together at A of Fig. 1.  Sew AG to CG.

Fig. 3 is the tongue and DF of Fig. 3 is sewed to DF of Fig. 2.  Cut pairs of half-inch slits a, b, c, d in Fig. 2, and run lace through.


For the afternoon “siesta” make a “rough-and-ready” hammock, by taking apart a flour barrel or sugar barrel, and in the end of each stave bore a three-quarter inch hole with a heated poker, or bit and auger.  Then lace thin rope (clothes line is good) through the holes.  This can be accomplished easily by noting method of lacing in figure “A.”  The stay-blocks “B” should be 12 inches long.  Figure “C” shows hammock ready for use.

[Illustration:  Rough and Ready Hammock]

A Toboggan

Get a cheese box.  Knock in the end very carefully, so as not to split it, pull out all the nails and lay it flat, and you have a piece of very thin board about 4-1/2 feet long and 11 inches wide.  Next take a piece of inch plank of same width as the cheese box, and three feet in length, and to this fasten the unrolled cheese box by using small lath nails, letting one end curl up over the plank.  To the edge of this protruding piece of cheese box tack a narrow strip of wood.  Tie a heavy cord to its ends, run the cord through the two hooks screwed into the planks and draw down the end until it is curved just right.  The illustration shows how it is made.

[Illustration:  Home Made Toboggan.]

Handy Funnel

[Illustration:  A Handy Funnel]

A funnel may be made by taking an ordinary envelope and cutting off the part shown in dotted lines as in the illustration.  Then clip a little off the point, open out, and you have an excellent funnel.

Onion Ink

Dip a pen in an onion and press until the juice comes; then, with plenty of juice on the pen, write your message.  To read it warm it over the fire, when the writing will stand out clearly.


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