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                                     Snow if E. 10 and 12 PM Frequent showers Cold and high wind 12 and 2 PM Very rainy Snow or rain
  2 and 4 PM Changeable Fair and mild
  4 and 6 PM Fair Fair
  6 and 8 PM Fair if wind N.W.  Fair and frosty if
                                     wind N. or N.E.
  8 and 10 PM Rainy if S. or S.W.  Rain or snow if
                                     S. or S.W. 10 and 12 am Fair Fair and frosty


Every cloud is a weather sign. 
Low clouds swiftly moving indicate coolness and rain. 
Soft clouds, moderate winds, fine weather. 
Hard-edged clouds, wind. 
Rolled or ragged clouds, strong wind. 
“Mackerel” sky, twelve hours dry.


Look out for rain when
The tree frog cries. 
Fish swim near the surface. 
Walls are unusually damp. 
Flies are troublesome and sting sharply. 
A slack rope tightens. 
Smoke beats downward. 
Sun is red in the morning. 
There is a pale yellow sunset.

Rain with East wind is lengthy. 
A sudden shower is soon over. 
A slow rain lasts long. 
Rain before seven, clear before eleven. 
Sun drawing water, sure sign of rain. 
A circle round the moon means “storm.”

“When the grass is dry at night
Look for rain before the light;
When the grass is dry at morning light
Look for rain before the night.”

“When the dew is on the grass
Rain will never come to pass.”

Fog in the morning, bright sunny day. 
Swallow flying high means clearing weather. 
If the sun goes down cloudy Friday, sure of a clear Sunday. 
Busy spiders mean fine weather.


East wind brings rain. 
West wind brings clear, bright, cool weather. 
North wind brings cold. 
South wind brings heat. 
Birds fly high when the barometer is high, and low when the barometer is

Direction of Wind

The way to find which way the wind is blowing, if there is only very light breeze, is to throw up little bits of dry grass; or to hold up a handful of light dust and let it fall, or to suck your thumb and wet it all round and let the wind blow over it, and the cold side of it will then tell you which way the wind is blowing.

Weather Bureau

The U. S. Department of Agriculture Weather Bureau publishes a “Classification of clouds,” in colors which may be had for the asking.  If you are near one of the weather signal stations daily bulletins will be sent to camp upon request, also the weather map.

A set of flag signals run up each day will create interest.  The flags are easily made, or may be purchased.

Keep a daily record of temperature.  A boy in charge of the “Weather Bureau” will find it to be full of interest, as well as to offer an opportunity to render the camp a real service.  He will make a weather vane, post a daily bulletin board, keep a record of temperature, measure velocity of wind and rainfall.

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