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The author has conducted boys’ camps for twenty-three years, so that he is not without experience in the subject.  To share with others this experience has been his aim in writing the book.  The various chapters have been worked out from a practical viewpoint, the desire being to make a handbook of suggestions for those in charge of camps for boys and for boys who go camping, rather than a theoretical treatise upon the general subject.

Thanks are due to E. M. Robinson, Dr. Elias G. Brown, Charles R. Scott, Irving G. MacColl, J. A. Van Dis, Taylor Statten, W. H. Wones, H. C. Beckman, W. H. Burger, H. M. Burr, A. B. Wegener, A. D. Murray, and H. M. Allen, for valuable suggestions and ideas incorporated in many chapters.

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Every leader, before going to camp, should read some book upon boy life, in order, not only that he may refresh his memory regarding his own boyhood days, but that he may also the more intelligently fit himself for the responsibility of leadership.  The following books, or similar ones, may be found in any well-equipped library.

If this book will help some man to be of greater service to boys, as well as to inspire boys to live the noble life which God’s great out-of-doors teaches, the author will feel amply repaid for his labor.  Boston, Mass., April, 1911.


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