An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 eBook

Mary Frances Cusack
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  attempts to poison him, 419
  Lord Chancellor Cusack persuades him to forget the poisoning, 420
  he is killed treacherously, 422. 
O’Neill, Hugh, marriage of, 450
  his insurrection, 454
  defeats Bagnal, 455
  his interview with Essex, 456
  attempts to assassinate him, 458
  his power decreases, 461
  plot to entrap him, 468
  his flight and death in Rome, 469. 
O’Neill, Sir Phelim, 480
  marches against Monroe, 493. 
O’Neill, Owen Roe, 480. 
O’Neill, Hugh Boy, slain in 1283, 332. 
O’Neill, Donnell, 198,
Ormonde, the Duke of. 483
  his intrigues, 492. 
Orpheus, first writer who mention Ireland, 71. 
Orr, Mr., his trial and death, 620. 
O’Toole, St. Laurence, Archbishop of Dublin, 234
  his genealogy, 235
  Abbot of St. Kevin’s monastery, at Glendalough, 235
  his patriotism, 267
  his journey to France, 290
  sent as ambassador to Henry II., 281
  his death, 290. 
Oirdnidhe, Hugh, the legislator, 179.


Palatines, the, 580. 
Palladius, St., mission of, 109. 
Palliums, 231. 
Partholan, landing of, 58. 
Partholyan, English traditions of, 71. 
Patrick, St., his birthplace, 112
  visits Tara, 120
  his successful preaching, 123
  relic of his hand, 134
  his copy of the Gospels, 134
  his burial-place, 133
  devotion of his servant, 125
  his death, 126
  his vision, 113
  his prayer for Ireland, 135
  destruction of the idols, 121
  his Hymn, 120
  his captivity, 113. 
Peep-o’-Day Boys and Defenders, 613. 
Pelasgian remains, 158. 
Pembroke, Earl of, plots against, 311. 
Penal Laws, enactment of, 576. 
Perrot, Sir John, 417. 
Petrie, Dr., quotations from, on Brehon laws, 115. 
Petty, Sir William, 541. 
Philosophical Society, the Dublin, 546. 
Phoenician colonization of Spain, 70
  circumnavigation of Africa, 69. 
Physicians, establishment of their college in Dublin, 543
Picts, landing of the, 79. 
Pitt, William, 613. 
Plantation of Connaught, 510
  of Ulster, 469. 
Plowden’s account of the atrocities of the military, 602. 
Plunkett, Dr., his trial and execution, 528. 
Plunkett, Lord, in parliament, 640. 
Poyning’s Parliament, 379
  law, and its effects, 382. 
Presentation Order, 593n. 
Priests, cruel massacre of, 496
  their efforts to save Protestants, 483. 
Protestant Church, state of, 425.


Quipus used as a register by the Indians, 150.


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