An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 eBook

Mary Frances Cusack
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Netterville, John, Archbishop of Armagh, 318. 
Newspapers in seventeenth century, 545. 
Newtownbutler, engagement at, 595. 
Nial of the Nine Hostages, 106. 
Nial Black Knee, 194. 
Nicholas, St., College of, 51. 
Niebuhr, his theory of history, 82.
  on the story of Tarpeia, 82n.
  on learning by verse, 86. 
Noah, genealogies from, 58. 
Normans, their arrival in Ireland, 257.
  their luxurious habits, 272. 
  Cambrensis’ account of them, 277.
  the, ridicule the Irish nobles, 293.
  feuds of the, in Ireland, 300.
  their treachery, 311. 
  Viceroys, 285. 
Nuada of the Silver Hand, 61
  his privy council, 64. 
Numa Pompilius, 89.


O’Brien, Turlough, Monarch of Ireland, 222
  his death, 223. 
O’Brien, Donnell, King of Thomond, 271. 
O’Briens, from whom descended, 84. 
O’Clery, Michael, one of the Four Masters, 52
  his literary labours and piety, 54
  his first work, Trias Thaumaturgas, 52
  rewrote the Book of Invasions, 54
  patronized by Fearghal O’Gara, 53. 
O’Connell, Daniel, in the House of Parliament, 647
  obtains Catholic Emancipation, 647
  represented Ireland, 641
  his life, 642
  his maiden speech, 643
  Doneraile Conspiracy, 643. 
O’Curry, when Moore visited, 37
  his opinion of early Irish civilization, 104
  his labours, 38
  on Erinn, 48n
  on Keating’s statement of Irish descent, 68
  on Cormac’s writings, 104n
  on the Bachall Isu, 115
  on Brehon Laws, 145
  on Irish saints, 178
  on musical instruments, 250
  on Irish martyrs, 416. 
O’Connor, Hugh, 308. 
  Felim, 309, 313.
  of Offaly, 339. 
  Roderic, 235.
  expelled from Offaly, 408
    returns to Ireland, 411. 
  Margaret, a literary lady, 374. 
  Nuala, 321
    establishes the monastery of Franciscans at Donegal, 321
    her death, 322. 
  Arthur, 624. 
O’Connor Faly, Margaret, visits England, 411. 
O’Daly, the poet, 303. 
O’Donnell, Hugh, entertainment of, at Windsor, 387. 
O’Donnell, Hugh Roe, his treacherous capture, 447
  leaves Ireland, 459. 
O’Donnell More, died at Assaroe, 313. 
O’Donovan, Dr., quotations from, on Brehon laws, 144. 
Odran, St., 147. 
O’Duffy, Catholicus, 304. 
O’Duffy, Donnell, 233. 
O’Flaherty, his Chronology, 81. 
Ogham writing, 149. 
Oghma, Danann prince, invented the writing called Ogham Craove, 76. 
Ogygia of the Greeks, 72. 
Ogygia, account in, of ancient writings, 148n. 
O’Hagan, the Abbot Imar, 229. 
O’Hartigan, Kenneth, 221. 
O’Hurly, Dr., 453. 
Ollamh Fodhla, 89. 
Ollamh, office and qualifications of a, 83, 86. 
O’Loughlin, Donnell, 226. 
O’Loughlins of Tyrone, 231. 
O’More, Rory Oge, 437
  Roger, 480. 
O’Neill, Donough, 207
O’Neill, Shane, 409
  feared by the English, 418

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