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Mary Frances Cusack
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Lacy, De, made Viceroy of Ireland, 289
  endeavours to become King of Ireland, 291
  cruel death, 293
  family become extinct, 311. 
Lady physicians, 66. 
Laeghaire, King, holds a pagan festival, 119
  receives St. Patrick at Tara, 120
  his oath, 129
  his death, 129
  his burial, 129n. 
Lammas-day, 164. 
Landing of the Picts, 79.
  of Partholan, 58.
  of Ceasair, 57. 
Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, 228. 
Langton, Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury, 301. 
Language of ancient Erinn, 147
  writing in pre-Christian Erinn, 148
  Ogham writing, 150. 
Laws, the Brehon code of, 144
  its peculiarities, 145.
  of the Innocents, 172.
  of succession, 146.
  of ancient Erinn, 144. 
Leix, St. Patrick’s visit to, 124
  cruelties of the deputy of, 417. 
Lewis, Sir G.C., 85n. 
Lhind, quotations from, 95n. 
Lia Fail, 76
  or Stone of Destiny, 165
  mention of, 165. 
Life, social, previous to the English invasion, 237. 
Limerick, siege of, by Ireton. 506
  by William of Orange, 566
  by Ginkell, 571. 
Linen trade, 251, 540. 
Literary ladies in Ireland, 374
Literary men of the seventeenth century, 531. 
Livin, St., 178. 
Londres, Henry de, made Governor of Ireland, 306
  surnamed Scorch Villain, 306. 
Louvain collection, 46
  friars, 52. 
Loyola, St. Ignatius, 120n. 
Lucas, his life, 607.


Macaille, St., 131. 
MacArt’s, Cormac, Saltair. 40
  his reign, 103
  his death, 105. 
Macaulay, Lays of Ancient Rome, 247n. 
Maccallin, St., 221. 
MacCarthy, King of Desmond, 229. 
MacCarthy More murdered at Tralee, 357. 
MacCullinan, Cormac, priest and king, 192
  his reign, 193
  his death, 193n. 
MacCumhaill, Finn, 105
  his courtship with the Princess Ailbhe, 105. 
MacFirbis, quotations from, 54, 58
  his book on pedigrees, 85
  his pedigrees of the ancient Irish and Anglo-Norman families, 50
  murdered, 51. 
MacGilluire, Coarb of St. Patrick, 315. 
MacLiag, the poet, 210n. 
MacMurrough, Dermod, King of Leinster, 233
  attends synod at Mellifont, 234
  his interview with Henry II., 258
  Henry grants him letters-patent, 259
  his death, 266. 
MacMurrough, Art, 367
  his death, 370. 
MacNally, advocate of the United Irishmen, 618. 
Macutenius on St. Patrick’s Canons, 118. 
Maelmuire, “servant of Mary,” 227n. 
Maelruain, St., of Tallaght, 179. 
Magna Charta, 305. 
Magog and his colony, 68
  his descendants, 84. 
Magrath, Miler, the apostate, 78. 
Mahoun, brother to Brian, 204
  is murdered, 206. 
Mailduf, St., 178. 
Malachy, St., 229
  visits Rome, 231
  death of, 231. 
Malachy II., 198
  exploits against the Danes, 208
  wins his “collar of gold,” 208
  Brian deposes, 209

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