An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 eBook

Mary Frances Cusack
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Fairs, Irish, seventeenth century, 538. 
Falkland, Lord, suspected of favouring the Catholics, 473. 
Fauna, description of, 253. 
Fene-men, the, 42n. 
Fenian poems and tales, 87
  ascribed to, 105. 
Fes, or triennial assembly, 163. 
Fethlimia, Princess, 122. 
Fiacc’s Hymn, Scholiast on, 111. 
Fidh Aengussa, the Synod of, 227. 
Fifth taking of Ireland, 62,
Fiacre, St., 177. 
Finnachta Fleadhach, the Hospitable, 171. 
Finnen, St., 162,
Fintan, son of Bochra, the Irish historian, 40. 
Firbolg chiefs, division of Ireland by, 60
  battles of, 62. 
Fish in Ireland, 80n
  anecdote on, 72n. 
FitzAldelm, his viceroyalty, 285
  his death, 299. 
FitzGerald, war between De Burgo and, 326. 
FitzGerald, war between De Vesci and, 333. 
FitzGerald, Lord Edward, joins the United Irishmen, 618
  arrest of, 624
  his death, 624. 
Fithil, the poet, 40. 
FitzMaurice obtains foreign aid, 441
  his death, 443. 
FitzStephen, 260. 
FitzWilliam, Earl, viceroyalty, of 616. 
Flahertach, Abbot, and King of Munster, 194
Flann, his Synchronisms, 49
  synchronizes the chiefs and monarchs with the kings of Erinn, 50. 
Flann, King, his reign, 192. 
Flint used to make weapons of defence, 160. 
Flood, his life, 607. 
Flora, description of, 253. 
Foillan, St., 177. 
Fomorians, the, 60-64. 
Food of the ancient Irish, 241
  of poorer classes in seventeenth century, 553. 
Ford of the Biscuits, battle of, 451. 
Fothadh of the Canons, 180. 
Franciscan Order in Ireland, 319
  their patriotism, 344
  their convents, 312
  remarkable spring, 319
  persecution of, 474. 
Friars Preachers, Order of, 318. 
Fridolin, St., 178. 
Froude’s History of England,
  quotations from his account of the English clergy, 440. 
Fursey, St., 177.


Gall, St., 177. 
Galls, description of, 187n.

Gallic Church, labours of the Irish in 177. 
Gaul, the Celts of, 73. 
  Irish saints venerated in, 183. 
Geisill, battle of, 78n. 
Genealogies, differences between, and pedigrees, 80-82. 
  Milesian, 79.
  peculiar historical value of, 80.
  and pedigrees, 51. 
General Assembly at Kilkenny, 485. 
Geographical accounts of Ireland, 72
George I., 582. 
Geraldines, rising of, 1534, 390
  ancestor of the, 333
  their wars, 334
  defeated at Kenmare, 325. 
Germanus, St., his Canons, 117. 
Gertrude, St., daughter of King Pepin, 177. 
Gherardini, letter from the, 384. 
Gilla Caemhain, an Irish writer, 49
  gives annals of all times, 49. 
Ginkell, General, 568. 
Glundubh, Nial, lamentation for, 196. 
Gold ornaments, 157. 
Goldsmith, his life, 609. 
Gordon’s, Mr., account of the atrocities of the military, 628, 629. 
Gormgal, St., 221. 

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