An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 eBook

Mary Frances Cusack
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  Earl of, his witty reply, 384. 
Destruction of the idols, 121. 
Details of the atrocities of the military, 621. 
Diarmaid, Princess, pursuit of, 106. 
Diarmaid’s reign, misfortunes of, 167. 
Dicho, St. Patrick’s first convert, 116. 
Dinnseanchus, a topographical work, 164. 
Dog, story of a faithful, 571. 
Domhnach, Gaedhilic term for Sunday, 121. 
Domhnach Airgid, 134n. 
Dominican Order in Ireland, 318. 
Donatus, St., 178. 
Doneraile Conspiracy, 643. 
Dowdall, Dr., opposition of, 410. 
Downpatrick, battle of, 325. 
Drapier’s Letters, the, 581. 
Dress of the poorer classes in Ireland in seventeenth century, 552. 
Drink of the ancient Irish, 243. 
Drinking vessels of different kinds, 243. 
Druids and their teaching, 137. 
Drumceat, first convention held at, 167. 
Drury, his cruelties, 443
  his death, 443
Dubhdaleithe, Book of, 44. 
Dublin in the seventeenth century, 544. 
Dublin, fashionable and prosperous, 638. 
Dubtach salutes St. Patrick at Tara, 121. 
Duke of Clarence, Viceroy, 371. 
Duke of York, viceroyalty of, 375. 
Dunboy, siege of, 460. 
Duncheadh, St., 221. 
Dundalk, battle of, 201.


Early missionaries. 108. 
Eber, 84. 
Ecclesiastics, cruelties practised on, 452. 
Ecclesiastical property, confiscation of, 403. 
Edward I., reign of, 329. 
Elizabeth, Queen, accession of, 412
  martyrs in the reign of, 416. 
Emania, Palace of, 89. 
Embargo laws, 578. 
Emmet’s career, 640. 
Enda, St., 169. 
English, invasion of the, 257.
  come to Ireland for instruction, 178.
  quarrels of, barons, 300.
  law refused to Ireland, 362.
  writers, mistakes of, 361.
  schism, real cause of, 394. 
  Irish emigrants defeat the, 584. 
Enniskilleners, cruelties of the, 559. 
Eras, three, in Irish history, 387. 
Eremon, reign of, 77
  his death, 78
  families descended from, 84. 
Eric, or compensation for murder, 146. 
Erinn, St. Patrick’s mission to, 112.
  ancient chronicles of, 48n.
  pre-Noahacian colonization of, 55.
  takings of, 57.
  early geographical accounts of, 72.
  social accounts of, 73.
  ancient laws of, 144.
  religion of, 137.
  customs of, 139.
  language of, 147.
  antiquities of, 153.
  five great roads of ancient, 101. 
Essex, Earl of, tries to colonize Ulster, 432
  his interview with O’Neill, 456
  his death, 433. 
Ethnea, Princess, 123. 
Eva, her marriage with Strongbow, 264. 
Exchequer of the King of England in Dublin, fourteenth century, 339. 
Exiled Irishmen, 478.


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