An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 eBook

Mary Frances Cusack
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  mention of, 534. 
College of Physicians, establishment of, in Dublin, 543. 
Colleges, continental, established for Irish students, 535. 
Colonists—­Scythians, Greeks, 68. 
Colonization, proofs of our early, 55
  the last, 75. 
Columba, St., and the Bards, 168. 
Columbanus, St., his rule, 173
  on papal supremacy, 176. 
Commercial status of Irish towns, 540. 
Comyn, John, Archbishop of Dublin, 291
  his imprisonment, 295. 
Conchessa, 112. 
Confessions, St. Patrick’s, 113. 
Conaire II., 103
  collects laws, 104. 
Conn of the Hundred Battles, 101. 
Conn’s half of Ireland, 102. 
Connaught, ancient, 64
  massacre in, 297
  three claimants for, 307
  rising of the men, 323
  plantation of, 475. 
Conor Mac Nessa, legend of, 127
  death of, 128. 
Controversy, theological, of the “Three Chapters,” 175. 
Cooke, Mr., publishes a pamphlet, 631. 
Coote’s cruelties, 482. 
Cork Militia, cruelties of the, 626. 
Cormac, author of Saltair of Tara, 104. 
Council at Tara, 172. 
Courcy, John de, in Ulster, 286
  his valour, 286
  his defeat in Antrim, 288
  his death. 298. 
Craftine, the poet, 91. 
Crannoges, 159. 
Cranmer, Archbishop, 410. 
Cremation not usual in Erinn, 155. 
Crom Chonaill, the, 162. 
Cromlechs, 155
  in the Phoenix Park, 161. 
Cromwell arrives in Ireland, 500
  marches to Drogheda, 500
  massacre at Drogheda. 501
  letters, 502
  his cruelties, 503
  brutality of his soldiers, 503
  his massacre at Wexford, 503. 
Cromwellian settlement in Ireland, 512n. 
Crovderg, Hugh, 307
  his death, 308. 
Cruelties of English officers, 417. 
Crystede, his account of Ireland, 363. 
Cuilmenn, the, 40. 
Culdees, the, 182
  question on the 179n. 
Curia Regis, held at Lismore, 273. 
Curragh of Kildare, 255. 
Curran, his life, 606. 
Cusack, Sir Thomas. 409
  favours O’Neill, 421. 
Custom-house built, 638.


Da Derga, destruction of the court of, 91. 
Dagges, 413n. 
Dalriada, the Irish, 131. 
Danes, Malachy’s exploits against the, 207
  in Ireland, 204
  cruelties of the, 190
  divided into Black and White Gentiles, 191
  found sea-port towns, 200
  supposed conversion of, 204
  pipes, 241
  the Dalcassians fight the, 205. 
Danish fortress in Dublin, 278n
  the first invasion, 188
  attempted second invasion, 224
  pirates, first raid of the, 188
  valour, battle of Clontarf, 215. 
Dante, 385. 
D’Alton on the Round Towers, 163
  on History, Religion, &c., of Ancient Ireland, 68n. 
Dathi, 107. 
Defective Titles, Commission of, 475. 
Derry, siege of, 558. 
Dervorgil, the Lady, 234. 
Desmond, Earls of, their ancestors and descendants, 282n. 
  Castle, 221. 

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