An Illustrated History of Ireland from AD 400 to 1800 eBook

Mary Frances Cusack
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Caesar, his accounts of the Druids, 138. 
Cairbre, Satire of, 63. 
Cairbre, Cinn-Cait, 97. 
Cairbres, the three, 102. 
Caligraphy, Irish skilled in, 185. 
Callaghan of Cashel, 196. 
Cambridge, treatise on origin of, 71. 
Camden on Ogygia, 72. 
Cannibalism, charge of, refuted, 74. 
Cannon-balls first used, 381n. 
Canons, St. Patrick’s, 117. 
Carew’s, Sir P., claim, 428. 
Carhampton, Lord, cruelties of, 617n. 
Carmelite monasteries, 323. 
Cashel, the Saltair of, 44.
  the Synod of, 275.
  massacre at, 496. 
Castlehaven Memoirs, 482n. 
Casts for celts, 246. 
Cataldus, St., 178. 
Catalogue of lost books, 44. 
Cathair Crofinn, a circular fort, 165. 
Cathal Carragh, 296. 
Cathal Crovderg, 296. 
Catholic Emancipation, 647.
  worship publicly restored, 411,
  Association, 583.
  priests, their peculiar position and difficulties, 586.
  question, a ministerial difficulty, 639.
  delegates met in Dublin, 615. 
Catholics, Orangemen bribed to persecute, 616n
  penal laws against, 576. 
Cauldrons as tribute, 241. 
Cavalry, 309n. 
Ceann Cruach, great ancient idol of the Irish, 121. 
Ceasair, taking of Erinn by, 54
  landing in Ireland of, 57. 
Celedabhaill, his quatrains, 198. 
Celestine, Pope, sends St. Patrick to Ireland, 115. 
Celsus, St., 227
  when buried, 227. 
Celtic language, antiquity of, 147
  remains of, 46. 
Celtic literature, 37. 
Celtic and Roman history, 81. 
Celts, description of, 160. 
Chariots used in Ireland, 167. 
Charlemont, Earl of, his life, 607. 
Charles I., reign of, 473
  his “faith,” 475. 
Charles II., reign of, 520
  his treatment of the loyalists, 521. 
Chesterfield and Adam Smith on Ireland, 603. 
Chichester, Sir John, 580. 
Chichester’s Parliament, 471. 
Chieftains, Irish, 303. 
Child, interment of a, 157n. 
Christ, the age of, 94. 
Christian missions, 108. 
Christianity, introduction of, 112. 
Chronicle of Cormac MacCullinan, 41.
  of Aengus Ceile De, 41.
  of Richard of Cirencester, 139. 
Chronicum Scotorum, 58
  compiled by, 50
  account in, 57
  on Partholan’s landing in Ireland, 58. 
Chronology, difficulties of, 44
  Irish, 80. 
Cin Droma Snechta, 39
  quotations from, 43
  on Irish immigration, 58. 
Circular forts, 165. 
Cistercians, Order of, 316. 
Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, 155. 
Clanrickarde, Earl of, 356. 
Clare, Lord, on Irish cultivation, 638. 
Clare election, the, 649. 
Clarence, Duke of, 371. 
Clergy, state of the Catholic, in the reign of Elizabeth, 426. 
Clonmacnois, the Annals of, 60n. 
Clubs in the seventeenth century, 545
Clynn, the annalist, 319. 
Cobhthach Cael, 90. 
Codex, containing Venerable Bede’s works, 47. 
Coigley, Father, arrested and hanged, 624. 
Colgan, his labours, 52

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