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Mary Frances Cusack
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I became the victim of a system of tyranny which cries from earth to heaven for relief.  Were I to narrate my own story, it would startle many of the Protestants of Ireland.  There are good landlords—­never a better than the late Lord Downshire, or the living and beloved Lord Roden.  But there are too many of another state of feeling and action.  There are estates in the north where the screw is never withdrawn from its circuitous and oppressive work.  Tenant-right is an unfortunate and delusive affair, simply because it is invariably used to the landlord’s advantage.  Here we have an election in prospect, and in many counties no farmer will be permitted to think or act for himself.  What right any one man has to demand the surrender of another’s vote I never could see.  It is an act of sheer felony—­a perfect “stand-and-deliver” affair.  To hear a man slavishly and timorously, say, “I must give my vote as the landlord wishes,” is an admission that the Legislature, which bestowed the right of voting on the tenant, should not see him robbed of his right, or subsequently scourged or banished from house and land, because he disregarded a landlord’s nod, or the menace of a land-agent.  At no little hazard of losing the friendship of some who are high, and good, and kind, I write as I now do.

     Yours, my dear Butt, very sincerely,


     Dundrum, Cough, co.  Down, Sept. 7, 1868.



Abbey, the Black, Kilkenny, 318.
  of Mellifont, 231.
  of St. Mary, 317.
  of Holy Cross, 317.
  of Dunbrody, 289.
  of Tintern, 317.
  of St. Saviour’s, Dublin, 318.
  of St. Thomas the Martyr, 287.
  of Boyle, 316. 
Abercrombie, Sir Ralph, 623. 
Act of Emancipation passed, 647. 
Adamnan, St., 172. 
Adrian’s Bull, 274. 
Aedh, St., 221. 
Aengus, St., 179
  his Festology, 180
  his Chronicle, 41. 
Aengus Grove, Synod at, 227. 
Aengus, King, baptism of, 123
  his death, 130
  ancestor of the O’Keeffes, O’Sullivans, O’Callahans, and MacCarthys, 130. 
Africa, Phoenician circumnavigation of, 69. 
Agrarian outrages and their causes, 613. 
Agricola, 95. 
Aideadh Chonchobair, legend of, 127. 
Ailbhe, Princess, 105. 
Ainmire, Hugh, 167. 
All Hallows Eve, 88n. 
Altan, St., 177. 
Amalgaidh, King, and his seven sons, 123. 
Amato, prelate who consecrated St. Patrick, 115. 
Amlaff the Dane, 195
  in Dublin, 191. 
Ancient pitcher, 240.
  fireplaces, 240.
  shoes, 252.
  brooch, 270.
  boot, 251. 
Andrew, St., Church of, in Henry II.’s time, 272. 
Anglo-Irish and old Irish, their differences at Kilkenny, 487. 
Annals of Ulster, 39
  compiled by Four Masters, 51
  accounts in, confirmed ab extra, 68
  poetry from, 198
  kept with great care, 233
  dedication of, 53

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