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Early in the morning Brian went to the priest, to ask his reverence when it would be convenient to marry him; and, whilst he was gone, Mr. Dennis Garraghty came to the cottage, to receive the rent and possession.  The rent was ready, in gold, and counted into his hand.

’No occasion for a receipt; for a new lase is a receipt in full for everything.’

’Very well, sir, said the widow; ’I know nothing of law.  You know best—­whatever you direct—­for you are acting as a friend to us now.  My son got the attorney to draw the pair of new LASES yesterday, and here they are ready, all to signing.’

Mr. Dennis said his brother must settle that part of the business, and that they must carry them up to the castle; ’but first give me the possession.’

Then, as he instructed her, she gave up the key of the door to him, and a bit of the thatch of the house; and he raked out the fire, and said every living creature must go out.  ‘It’s only form of law,’ said he.

‘And must my lodger get up and turn out, sir?’ said she.  ’He must turn out, to be sure—­not a living soul must be left in it, or it’s no legal possession properly.  Who is your lodger?’

On Lord Colambre’s appearing, Mr. Dennis showed some surprise, and said, ’I thought you were lodging at Brannagan’s; are not you the man who spoke to me at his house about the gold mines?’

‘No, sir, he never lodged at Brannagan’s,’ said the widow.

’Yes, sir, I am the person who spoke to you about the gold mines at Brannagan’s; but I did not like to lodge—­’

’Well, no matter where you liked to lodge; you must walk out of this lodging now, if you please, my good friend.’

So Mr. Dennis pushed his lordship out by the shoulders, repeating, as the widow turned back and looked with some surprise and alarm, ’Only for form sake, only for form sake!’ then locking the door, took the key, and put it into his pocket.  The widow held out her hand for it:  ’The form’s gone through now, sir, is not it?  Be plased to let us in again.’

’When the new lease is signed, I’ll give you possession again; but not till then—­for that’s the law.  So make away with you to the castle; and mind,’ added he, winking slily, ’mind you take sealing-money with you, and something to buy gloves.’

‘Oh, where will I find all that?’ said the widow.

‘I have it, mother; don’t fret,’ said Grace.  ’I have it—­the price of—–­what I can want. [What I can do without.] So let us go off to the castle without delay.  Brian will meet us on the road, you know.’

They set off for Clonbrony Castle, Lord Colambre accompanying them.  Brian met them on the road.  ’Father Tom is ready, dear mother; bring her in, and he’ll marry us.  I’m not my own man till she’s mine.  Who knows what may happen?’

‘Who knows? that’s true,’ said the widow.

‘Better go to the castle first,’ said Grace.

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