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66.  Then will not clang against his heel the hall’s bright gates, with splendid ring, if my train him hence shall follow.  Then will our procession appear not mean.

67.  For him will follow five female thralls, eight male slaves of gentle birth, fostered with me, and with my patrimony, which to his, daughter Budli gave.

68.  Much I have said, and more would say, if the sword would grant me power of speech.  My voice fails, my wounds swell:  truth only I have uttered; so I will cease.”


[Footnote 75:  That is, Skogul with the necklace; Brynhild applies this name to herself, which is a compound of men, necklace, monile, and Skogul, the name of a Valkyria.]

[Footnote 76:  Necklaces usually consisted in gold and silver chains or laces with ornaments attached to them; if these resembled the sun or moon they were called Sigli, suns (such were those here spoken of); and such was the necklace worn by Freyia, the bright goddess of the Vanir.]

[Footnote 77:  Menia’s meal, or flour, is gold.]

[Footnote 78:  Sigurd.]



1.  “Why art thou, Brynhild!  Budli’s daughter! absorbed in evil and murderous thoughts?  What injury has Sigurd done thee, that thou the hero wilt of life bereave?”


2.  “Sigurd to me oaths has sworn, oaths sworn, all falsehoods.  He at a time deceived me when he should have been of all oaths most observant.”


3.  “Thee Brynhild has in anger instigated evil to perpetrate, harm to execute.  She grudges Gudrun her happy marriage, and thee, possession of herself.” * * *

4.  Some a wolf roasted, some a snake cut up, some to Guthorm served the wolf, before they might, eager for crime, on the mighty man lay their hands.

5.  Without stood Gudrun, Giuki’s daughter, and these words first of all uttered:  “Where is now Sigurd, lord of warriors, seeing that my kinsmen foremost ride?”

6.  Hogni alone to her answer gave:  “Asunder have we Sigurd hewed with our swords; his grey steed bends o’er the dead chief.”

7.  Then said Brynhild, Budli’s daughter:  “Well shall ye now enjoy arms and lands.  Sigurd would alone over all have ruled, had he a little longer life retained.

8.  Unseemly it had been that he should so have ruled over Giuki’s heritage and the Goths’ people, when he five sons, for the fall of hosts, eager for warfare, had begotten.”

9.  Then laughed Brynhild—­the whole burgh resounded—­once only from her whole heart:  “Well shall ye enjoy lands and subjects, now the daring king ye have caused to fall.”

10.  Then said Gudrun, Giuki’s daughter:  “Much thou speakest, things most atrocious:  may fiends have Gunnar, Sigurd’s murderer!  Souls malevolent vengeance awaits.”

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