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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 255 pages of information about The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson.


33.  Accuse not thyself; true will prove words at drinking uttered by us both.  Me a chieftain has to the strand summoned; within three nights I must be there.  ’Tis to me doubtful whether I return; then may well such befall, if it so must be.


34.  Thou saidst, Helgi! that Hedin well deserved of thee, and great gifts:  It would beseem thee better thy sword to redden, than to grant peace to thy foes.

Helgi so spoke, for he had a foreboding that his death was at hand, and that his fylgiur (attendant spirit) had accosted Hedin, when he saw the woman riding on a wolf.  There was a king named Alf, a son of Hrodmar, who had appointed a place of combat with Helgi in Sigar’s plain within three days.  Then said Helgi: 

35.  On a wolf rode, at evening twilight, a woman who him offered to attend.  She well knew, that the son of Sigrlinn would be slain, on Sigar’s plain.

There’ was a great conflict, in which Helgi got his death-wound.

36.  Helgi sent Sigar riding, after Eylimi’s only daughter:  he bade her quickly be in readiness, if she would find the king alive.


37.  Helgi has me hither sent, with thee, Svava! thyself to speak.  Thee, said the king, he fain would see, ere the noble-born breathes forth his last.


38.  What has befallen Helgi, Hiorvard’s son?  I am sorely by afflictions stricken.  Has the sea him deluded, or the sword wounded?  On that man I will harm inflict.


39.  This morning fell, at Frekastein, the king who beneath the sun was of all the best.  Alf has complete victory, though this time it should not have been!


40.  Hail to thee, Svava!  Thy love thou must divide:  this in this world, methinks, is our last meeting.  They say the chieftain’s wounds are bleeding.  The sword came too near my heart.

41.  I pray thee, Svava!—­weep not, my wife!—­if thou wilt my voice obey, that for Hedin thou a couch prepare, and the young prince in thy arms clasp.


42.  I had said, in our pleasant home, when for me Helgi rings selected, that I would not gladly, after my king’s departure, an unknown prince clasp in my arms.


43.  Kiss me, Svava!  I will not return, Rogheim to behold, nor Rodulsfioll, before I have avenged Hiorvard’s son, who was of kings under the sun the best.

Helgi and Svava were, it is said, born again.


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