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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 255 pages of information about The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson.

36.  From his shoulders he lifted the kettle down; Miollnir hurled forth towards the savage crew, and slew all the mountain-giants, who with Hymir had him pursued.

37.  Long they had not journeyed when of Hlorridi’s goats one lay down half-dead before the car.  It from the pole had sprung across the trace; but the false Loki was of this the cause.

38.  Now ye have heard,—­for what fabulist can more fully tell—­what indemnity he from the giant got:  he paid for it with his children both.[32]

39.  In his strength exulting he to the gods’ council came, and had the kettle, which Hymir had possessed, out of which every god shall beer with Oegir drink at every harvest-tide.


[Footnote 28:  To wit, that they were short of kettles for brewing.]

[Footnote 29:  That is divining rods.]

[Footnote 30:  The great serpent that encircles the earth.]

[Footnote 31:  According to the Prose Edda, the giant, overcome with fright, took out his knife and severed Thor’s line.]

[Footnote 32:  This strophe belongs apparently to another poem.]


1.  Wroth was Vingthor, when he awoke, and his hammer missed; his beard he shook, his forehead struck, the son of earth felt all around him;

2.  And first of all these words he uttered:  “Hear now, Loki! what I now say, which no one knows anywhere on earth, nor in heaven above; the As’s hammer is stolen!”

3.  They went to the fair Freyia’s dwelling, and he these words first of all said:  “Wilt thou me, Freyia, thy feather-garment lend, that perchance my hammer I may find?”


4.  “That I would give thee, although of gold it were, and trust it to thee, though it were of silver.”

5.  Flew then Loki—­the plumage rattled—­until he came beyond the AEsir’s dwellings, and came within the Jotun’s land.

6.  On a mound sat Thrym, the Thursar’s lord, for his greyhounds plaiting gold bands and his horses’ manes smoothing.

7.  “How goes it with the AEsir?  How goes it with the Alfar?  Why art thou come alone to Jotunheim?”


8.  “Ill it goes with the AEsir, Ill it goes with the Alfar.  Hast thou Hlorridi’s hammer hidden?”


9.  “I have Hlorridi’s hammer hidden eight rasts beneath the earth; it shall no man get again, unless he bring me Freyia to wife.”

10.  Flew then Loki—­the plumage rattled—­until he came beyond the Jotun’s dwellings, and came within the AEsir’s courts; there he met Thor, in the middle court, who these words first of all uttered.

11.  “Hast thou had success as well as labour?  Tell me from the air the long tidings.  Oft of him who sits are the tales defective, and he who lies down utters falsehood.”

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