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“There will be many abodes,” replied Thridi, “some good, others bad.  The best place of all to be in will be Gimli, in heaven, and all who delight in quaffing good drink will find a great store in the hall called Brimir, which is also in heaven in the region Okolni.  There is also a fair hall of ruddy gold called Sindri, which stands on the mountains of Nida, (Nidafjoll).  In those halls righteous and well-minded men shall abide.  In Nastrond there is a vast and direful structure with doors that face the north.  It is formed entirely of the backs of serpents, wattled together like wicker work.  But the serpents’ heads are turned towards the inside of the hall, and continually vomit forth floods of venom, in which wade all those who-commit murder, or who forswear themselves.”


67.  “Will any of the gods survive, and will there be any longer a heaven and an earth?” demanded Gangler.

“There will arise out of the sea,” replied Har, “another earth most lovely and verdant, with pleasant fields where the grain shall grow unsown.  Vidar and Vali shall survive; neither the flood nor Surtur’s fire shall harm them.  They shall dwell on the plain of Ida, where Asgard formerly stood.  Thither shall come the sons of Thor, Modi and Magni, bringing with them their father’s mallet Mjolnir.  Baldur and Hodur shall also repair thither from the abode of death (Hel).  There shall they sit and converse together, and call to mind their former knowledge and the perils they underwent, and the fight of the wolf Fenrir and the Midgard serpent.  There too shall they find in the grass those golden tablets (orbs) which the AEsir once possessed.  As it is said,—­

    “’There dwell Vidar and Vali
    In the gods’ holy seats,
    When slaked Surtur’s fire is
    But Modi and Magni
    Will Mjolnir possess,
    And strife put an end to.’

“Thou must know, moreover, that during the conflagration caused by Surtur’s fire, a woman named Lif (Life), and a man named Lifthrasir, lie concealed in Hodmimir’s forest.  They shall feed on morning dew, and their descendants shall soon spread over the whole earth.

“But what thou wilt deem more wonderful is, that the sun shall have brought forth a daughter more lovely than herself, who shall go in the same track formerly trodden by her mother.

“And now,” continued Thridi, “if thou hast any further questions to ask, I know not who can answer thee, for I never heard tell of any one who could relate what will happen in the other ages of the world.  Make, therefore, the best use thou canst of what has been imparted to thee.”

Upon this Gangler heard a terrible noise all around him:  he looked everywhere, but could see neither palace nor city, nor anything save a vast plain.  He therefore set out on his return to his own kingdom, where he related all that he had seen and heard, and ever since that time these tidings have been handed down by oral tradition.

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