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“It requires, no doubt,” replied Har, “a good memory to recollect readily all these names, but I will tell thee in a few words what principally contributed to confer them upon him.  It was the great variety of languages; for the various nations were obliged to translate his name into their respective tongues, in order that they might supplicate and worship him.  Some of his names, however, have been owing to adventures that happened to him on his journeys, and which are related in old stories.  Nor canst thou ever pass for a wise man if thou are not able to give an account of these wonderful adventures.”


22.  “I now ask thee,” said Gangler, “what are the names of the other gods.  What are their functions, and what have they brought to pass?”

“The mightiest of them.” replied Har, “is Thor.  He is called Asa-Thor and Auku-Thor, and is the strongest of gods and men.  His realm is named Thrudvang, and his mansion Bilskirnir, in which are five hundred and forty halls.  It is the largest house ever built.”

“Thor has a car drawn by two goats called Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir.  From his driving about in this car he is called Auku-Thor (Charioteer-Thor).  He likewise possesses three very precious things.  The first is a mallet called Mjolnir, which both the Frost and Mountain Giants know to their cost when they see it hurled against them in the air; and no wonder, for it has split many a skull of their fathers and kindred.  The second rare thing he possesses is called the belt of strength or prowess (Megingjardir).  When he girds it about him his divine might is doubly augmented; the third, also very precious, being his iron gauntlets, which he is obliged to put on whenever he would lay hold of the handle of his mallet.  There is no one so wise as to be able to relate all Thor’s marvellous exploits, yet I could tell thee so many myself that hours would be whiled away ere all that I know had been recounted.”


23.  “I would rather,” said Gangler, “hear something about the other AEsir.”

“The second son of Odin,” replied Har, “is Baldur, and it may be truly said of him that he is the best, and that all mankind are loud in his praise.  So fair and dazzling is he in form and features, that rays of light seem to issue from him; and thou mayst have some idea of the beauty of his hair, when I tell thee that the whitest of all plants is called Baldur’s brow.  Baldur is the mildest, the wisest, and the most eloquent of all the AEsir, yet such is his nature that the judgment he has pronounced can never be altered.  He dwells in the heavenly mansion called Breidablik, in which nothing unclean can enter.”


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