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“One day.” replied Har, “as the sons of Bor were walking along the sea-beach they found two stems of wood, out of which they shaped a man and a woman.  The first (Odin) infused into them life and spirit; the second (Vili) endowed them with reason and the power of motion; the third (Ve) gave them speech and features, hearing and vision.  The man they called Ask, and the woman, Embla.  From these two descend the whole human race whose assigned dwelling was within Midgard.  Then the sons of Bor built in the middle of the universe the city called Asgard, where dwell the gods and their kindred, and from that abode work out so many wondrous things, both on the earth and in the heavens above it.  There is in that city a place called Hlidskjalf, and when Odin is seated there on his lofty throne he sees over the whole world, discerns all the actions of men, and comprehends whatever he contemplates.  His wife is Frigga, the daughter of Fjorgyn, and they and their offspring form the race that we call AEsir, a race that dwells in Asgard the old, and the regions around it, and that we know to be entirely divine.  Wherefore Odin may justly be called All-father, for he is verily the father of all, of gods as well as of men, and to his power all things owe their existence.  Earth is his daughter and his wife, and with her he had his first-born son, Asa-Thor, who is endowed with strength and valour, and therefore quelleth he everything that hath life.”


10.  “A giant called Njorvi,” continued Har, “who dwelt in Jotunheim, had a daughter called Night (Nott) who, like all her race, was of a dark and swarthy complexion.  She was first wedded to a man called Naglfari, and had by him a son named Aud, and afterwards to another man called Annar, by whom she had a daughter called Earth (Jord).  She then espoused Delling, of the AEsir race, and their son was Day, (Dagr) a child light and beauteous like his father.  Then took All-father, Night, and Day, her son, and gave them two horses and two cars, and set them up in the heavens that they might drive successively one after the other, each in twelve hours’ time, round the world.  Night rides first on her horse called Hrimfaxi, that every morn, as he ends his course, bedews the earth with the foam that falls from his bit.  The horse made use of by Day is named Skinfaxi, from whose mane is shed light over the earth and the heavens.”


11.  “How doth All-father regulate the course of the sun and moon?” asked Gangler.

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