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8.  “And what became of the sons of Bor, whom ye look upon as gods?” asked Gangler.

“To relate this,” replied Har, “is no trivial matter.  They dragged the body of Ymir into the middle of Ginnungagap, and of it formed the earth.  From Ymir’s blood they made the seas and waters; from his flesh the land; from his bones the mountains; and his teeth and jaws, together with some bits of broken bones, served them to make the stones and pebbles.”

“With the blood that ran from his wounds,” added Jafnhar, “they made the vast ocean, in the midst of which they fixed the earth, the ocean encircling it as a ring, and hardy will he be who attempts to pass those waters.”

“From his skull,” continued Thridi, “they formed the heavens, which they placed over the earth, and set a dwarf at the corner of each of the four quarters.  These dwarfs are called East, West, North, and South.  They afterwards took the wandering sparks and red hot flakes that had been cast out of Muspellheim, and placed them in the heavens, both above and below, to’ give light unto the world, and assigned to every other errant coruscation a prescribed locality and motion.  Hence it is recorded in ancient lore that from this time were marked out the days, and nights, and seasons.”

“Such are the events that took place ere the earth obtained the form it now beareth.”

“Truly great were the deeds ye tell me of!” exclaimed Gangler; “and wondrous in all its parts is the work thereby accomplished.  But how is the earth fashioned?”

“It is round without,” replied Har, “and encircled by the deep ocean, the outward shores of which were assigned for a dwelling to the race of giants.  But within, round about the earth, they (the sons of Bor) raised a bulwark against turbulent giants, employing for this structure Ymir’s eyebrows.  To this bulwark they gave the name of Midgard[128] They afterwards tossed Ymir’s brains into the air, and they became the clouds, for thus we find it recorded.

“Of Ymir’s flesh was formed the earth; of his sweat (blood), the seas; of his bones, the mountains; of his hair the trees; of his skull, the heavens; but with his eyebrows the blithe gods built Midgard for the sons of men, whilst from his brains the lowering clouds were fashioned.”


9.  “To make heaven and earth, to fix the sun and the moon in the firmament, and mark out the days and seasons, were, indeed, important labours,” said Gangler; “but whence came the men who at present dwell in the world?”

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