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THIRD.—­We do not cure every known disease from one bottle, for Warner’s SAFE Remedies number seven scientific specifics, which have been put upon the market, only in obedience to strong public demand.


FOURTH.—­Warner’s SAFE Remedies, spite of all opposition, have won the favor of the profession as well as the masses, and are recognized as the leading standard medical preparations.


FIFTH.—­After six years of unequaled experience, we can give these unqualified guarantees: 

GUARANTEE I.—­Pure and Harmless. That Warner’s SAFE Remedies are pure and harmless.

GUARANTEE II.—­Testimonials Genuine. That the Testimonials used by us, so far as we know, are bona fide, with a forfeit of $5,000 for proof to the contrary.

GUARANTEE III.—­Curative Effects Permanent. That Warner’s SAFE Remedies are not merely temporary, but permanent, in their curative effects and will sustain every claim, if used sufficiently and as directed.


SIXTH.—­Special inquiry among hundreds of our oldest patients results in unequivocal testimony that the cures wrought six, five, four, and three years ago, were permanent.  And most of these patients were pronounced incurable when they began Warner’s SAFE Remedies.

Read a few of thousands of testimonials.

B.F.  LARRABEE, 42 Chester Square, Boston, Mass., in 1879 was pronounced incurable of acute Bright’s Disease.  From 1880 to 1882 he used over 200 bottles of Warner’s Safe Cure, and October 6th, 1884, he said that his cure was as permanent as surprising.

REV.  S.P.  SMITH, Marblehead, Mass., after years of suffering from Bilious attacks and Gall Stones, began Warner’s Safe Cure in 1882 and in June, 1884, reported that he had had no trouble since.

HON.  N.A.  PLYMPTON, Worcester, Mass., in 1880 suffered frightful tortures from Gravel of the Kidneys; failing of relief otherwise he used a few bottles of Warner’s Safe Cure and recently wrote:  “It perfectly cured me, four years ago.”

L. Dow, Esq., 204 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass., was cured of Kidney disorder by Warner’s Safe Cure in 1882, and November 28th, 1884, he wrote that the cure was permanent.

MRS. S.A.  CLARK, East Granby, Conn., suffered for over ten years from Constitutional and Sex disorders of the worst kind.  In November, 1884, she wrote:  “Warner’s Safe Cure cured me four years ago and has kept me well to this day.”

SEVENTH.—­It is a source of great gratification to us that Warner’s Safe Remedies have been permanently beneficial to so many sufferers.  This permanency of power over disease gives them the most exalted rank, and in this particular they have no equal.  H.H.  WARNER & CO. Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 1, 1885.

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