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No. 63 Oliver Street, Boston, Mass.

* * * * *

Battle Maps and Charts of the American Revolution.


Published by A.S.  BARNES & CO., 111 & 113 William Street, New York.

The publishers issue this work for the use of teachers and scholars, as well as for its fitness as a companion to all Histories of the United States, with confidence that it will prove a valuable specialty to all.

The RED Lettering represents British Movements and Leading Topics, for the convenience of Teachers and Scholars.

The ¶ and Page references to various School Histories, which mention the Battles, make it available for use by Teachers throughout the United States.

The volume contains the 41 maps which were the result of thirty years of study, and are found in his standard volume, “Battles of the American Revolution.”

The SECRETARY OF WAR has placed the “BATTLE MAPS AND CHARTS” at ARMY POST SCHOOLS, at government expense.

FIVE STEEL ENGRAVINGS of WASHINGTON accompany the volume.  The ST. MEMIN (crayon) as frontispiece, engraved by Hall & Sons; also PEALE’S painting (1772), HOUDON’S bust (1784).  TRUMBULL’S painting (1792) and STUART’S painting (1796) are furnished, in steel.

Price, $1.25.  Sent, postpaid, to School Superintendents and Teachers, for introduction, upon receipt of $1.00.

Liberal terms made with Schools, Military and Civil, Army Officers and Posts, State Militia, and the Trade.


Invaluable to the student of American History.—­Baltimore (Md.)

Deserves a welcome in every school district, as well as in every historical library in the land.—­Army and Navy Journal.

In our opinion, General Carrington’s work is an authority, showing great labor and careful study, and it should become a national test-book, and find a place in all public and private libraries.—­Indianapolis (Ind.) Herald.

Each map is accompanied with a statement of the generals and number of men engaged on both sides, to which is appended the reason for such battle or engagement, with remarks by the author, who is excellent authority in military matters.—­The Educator (New Haven, Ct.).

A valuable compilation from the author’s large work, and cannot fail to make a more lasting impression upon the reader’s mind than could be derived from the perusal of many volumes of history.—­N.Y.  Herald.

Each map is accompanied by a page of text, arranged upon a compact and original system, so as to present a singularly clear view of the history and significance of the engagement in question, the names of the chief and subordinate commanders, the forces, nominal and available, the losses on each side, and the incidents of the battle.—­N.Y.  Evening Post.

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