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Reference, by permission, to ARTHUR P. DODGE, No. 31 Milk Street (Room 4b), Boston, where maps can be seen.

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Household, Office, and Store Furniture


Capital Stock $250,000

Number of Shares 50,000

Par Value, $5.00 each.



President and General Manager, R. McLEAN, Boston.

Treasurer, J.R.  O’HARA, 31 State Street, Boston,

BENJ.  RACKLIFF, Architect and Designer, Boston.

Factory and Principal Office, 43 Beverly Street, Boston.


This Company has been incorporated for the purpose of manufacturing Household, Office, and Store Furniture with the view of making a specialty of certain grades of goods over which it will have entire control, thus avoiding the direct competition incident to the general trade.  Yet it will to a limited extent handle a general line of goods common to this class of business.

Management.—­The management of the Company will be in the hands of those well known and experienced in the business, as practical furniture makers and able financiers, whose standing will bear the closest investigation for high moral and business character.

Mirrors and Mantels.—­This business now becomes one of the branches of the Company, by purchase on highly favorable terms, and which at once enables it to possess a business of profit and thoroughly established, and ensures an income which places the Company at once on a dividend-paying basis.

Display Racks.—­In addition, the Company has secured in like manner the entire control of these, the most valuable articles of store furniture that have ever been put on the market, and which have already received substantial recognition of their value and demand among merchants and traders throughout New England.  This business has likewise become already established, and only requires the usual attention of standard goods to ensure a large and profitable income.

Factory.—­The Company will for the present retain its factory on Beverly Street, which is well supplied with every facility for a large business, and in due time will secure proper warerooms in some desirable locality near the centre of trade in Boston.

Business Outlook.—­Considering the outlook of the manufacturing interests for the coming year, investors are all agreed that whichever party may triumph in the approaching presidential election, the incoming administration will practically stand committed to a vigorous policy of encouragement and support to our manufacturing interests.  Hence our far-seeing capitalists are wisely counting on a remarkable activity in this branch of industrial development; and consequently are predicting such a boom in manufacturing stocks the coming year as characterized mining stocks during the years of ’78, ’79, and ’80.

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