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IS DELIGHTFUL:  flowers bloom the year round in the open air.  THE SUMMERS in this high land are NO WARMER than in the North.  The thermometer rarely indicates higher than ninety degrees.

THE MILDNESS OF THE CLIMATE and its bracing influence marks its excellence for all PULMONARY AFFECTION, THROAT AILMENT, ASTHMA, RHEUMATISM, KIDNEY TROUBLES, etc.  Chills and fever and malaria are unknown.

A living can be made by the cultivation of vegetables while the orange-groves are being brought into bearing.  Our water protection is unsurpassed, which makes it the choicest locality in the State for the fruit-grower.

Building material is plenty and cheap.  Fish and game in abundance.  Good schools and churches will be established at once.  Clermont is to be made an educational centre.

It is expected that the Florida Southern Railroad will be built very near, if not through, the town within the next few months.  Come and see the place and its natural advantages.  It will speak for itself.  A first-class sawmill has already been erected, and is in operation.


And the safest thing in hard times, is to have an Orange-Grove.  This can be acquired by buying, say ten acres of land, at a small cost, say $200.  Clear it up and set out your orange-grove, and while your orange-trees are maturing, raise strawberries and early vegetables, and send to the Northern market; these always bring high prices in February and March; or work at your trade or engage in business.  In a new country you can always find something to do.  Start yourself a home.  When you have a five-acre orange-grove in full bearing you can be independent, and need not care whether stocks go up or down.  THE RISE IN THE VALUE OF YOUR LANDS will make your investment a PROFITABLE ONE.  INVESTMENTS IN REAL ESTATE seem to be the important feature which generally decides a man’s prosperity.  Such investments are secure and permanent, and not liable to the fluctuations that personal property is subject to.

VISITORS will be shown over the land in a carriage free of expense.  Those who come with a view to settle, should bring money to secure their purchases as locations are not held upon refusal.

Large numbers of people are purchasing and preparing Winter Homes, and those who desire the best locations should visit the place at once.

The Titles to these lands are indisputable; Warrantee Deeds given clear of all incumbrances.

Information given.  Letters promptly answered.  If persons before visiting the place will write, full information will be sent concerning the route and other particulars.  Address,


Minneola, Sumter County, Florida, or

WILLIAM A. HOUSE, Vineland, N.J.

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