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[Illustration:  From American Explorations in the Ice Zones.]

Early American Voyages made in search of the Northwest Passage.  Explorations in the Arctic Zone by Lieut.  DeHaven, Dr. Kane, Commodore Rodgers, Capt.  Hall, Lieut.  Schwatka and Lieut.  DeLong; Wrangel Land as first reported by Capt.  Long, and a brief account of the U.S.  Expedition to the Antarctic seas under Capt.  Wilkes. An account of the Greeley Party, and the recent rescue of the survivors. Compiled from official and other sources by PROF.  J.E.  NOURSE, U.S.N.  We have in this volume the work of a scientist and scholar, and at the same time a book of thrilling interest. 8vo, extra cloth, illustrated,$3.00. With circumpolar map, $3.50. Half calf, $6.00.

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The merry doings of a family of children, related by Mrs. Frances A.
Humphrey, and pictured by “Boz.” Printed in colors.  Price, 50 cts.

[Illustration:  From Rainy-Day Plays.]

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The daily make-believe life of a little girl and her doll, told in twelve verselets by Mrs. Clara Doty Bates, and twelve pictures by Hassam. Printed in colors.  Price 50 cts.

[Illustration:  Doll Rosy]

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INTERRUPTED. Pansy’s new story, will be ready in a few days.  It has all the charm of this most popular author’s fascinating style, grown riper each year, and possessing more of the peculiar power by which she adapts herself to her varied audience.  More than a hundred thousand of Pansy’s books are sold every year.  Extra cloth. 12mo, $1.50.

MONEY IN POLITICS.  By Hon. J.K.  Upton, late assistant secretary of the United States Treasury.  Extra cloth, gilt top. 12mo, $1.25.  This volume presents a complete history of money, or the circulating medium, in the United States, from the colonial days to the present time.  Mr. Edward Atkinson, in his introduction, pronounces it the most valuable work of the kind yet published.

THE GRAY MASQUE AND OTHER POEMS. By Mary Barker Dodge. $1.25.  The reputation of this author has been already made.  Her name will be recognized in connection with some of the choicest bits of poetry contributed to periodical literature in recent years, such as “Indian Summer,” “My Baby,” “The Frozen Crew,” etc., all of which, and many new poems of equal excellence, are offered to the public in this unusually attractive volume.

THE ARNOLD BIRTHDAY BOOK.  Edited by his daughters.  With an autograph introductory poem by Edwin Arnold, and choice quotations from his poems for every day.  The many admirers of the “Light of Asia” will gladly welcome this graceful souvenir of the author, which is handsomely illustrated and daintily finished. $1.25.

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