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[Illustration:  From POETS’ HOMES.]

Pen and Pencil Pictures of American Poets and their Homes.  By R.H.  STODDARD, ARTHUR GILMAN and others.  New, complete edition, 8vo, extra cloth, gilt edges, $4.00; imitation crushed levant, gilt edges, $5.00; full Turkey morocco, $8.00.

This is a collection of charming “pen and pencil sketches of American poets and their homes.”  The names of Holmes, Whitman, Miller, Phelps, Bryant, Perry, Emerson, Hayne, O’Reilly and Smith are loved by many who will be delighted to find them thus associated and honored.  A poet’s home is a place of interest, for of it, as much as of the soul, is the poem born.  The home-life, the simple elegance and open hospitality are part of the beauty of the flowing numbers.  In this work the exact illustrations add much to the vividness of the description.  The volume is worthy a place in any collection.—­Central Baptist.

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[Illustration:  From ROCKY FORK.]


By Mary Hartwell Catherwood.

Cloth, $1.50.

A notably fresh and charming story of boy and girl school-life at the
West in the early days.

Thirty-six pictures by George F. Barnes.

Rocky Fork is the name of the place where Bluebell, the heroine of our story, lived.  It was a country place, and she went to a country school, and had all that belongs to a country life.  She was a good, brave and lovable girl.  No one can imagine what an interesting and adventurous time she had, unless they read Rocky Fork.  We wish that all our little friends could get a chance to read it, for it is a charming story.—­Presbyterian, New Orleans.

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The best, the largest, the most entertaining, the most beautifully illustrated, and the widest in range, of all magazines for young people.  It is the official organ of the C.Y.F.R.U., and, as heretofore, will publish the Required Readings, and all needed information for members of the Union.  The magazine proper will be even more brilliant and valuable than before during the next year.

Ideal literature and ideal art for young people and the family, for entertainment, for the healthful training of the body and the liberal education of the mind, fill this magazine each month from cover to cover.  It has won recognition from the American and English press as the largest and best, the most beautiful and original, and the most ably edited magazine of its class in the world.  It gives each month original music by eminent composers.

“WIDE AWAKE is the wonder of all the wonderfully beautiful children’s magazines and books of America.  Without dispute the largest, handsomest, most artistic and best young people’s periodical ever issued.  There is no juvenile magazine published in the country so carefully edited.”—­Boston Transcript.

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