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YOUNG FOLKS’ HISTORIES.  By Charlotte M. Yonge. 6 vols., cloth, $9.00. 
Imitation half calf, $9.50; half Russia, $12.00.


YOUNG FOLKS’ LIBRARY.  Issued monthly in strong manilla paper bindings at twenty-five cents per volume. $3.00 per year.  Each volume represents some favorite American author.  These volumes contain from 300 to 500 16mo pages, clear type, carefully printed.

GEORGE MACDONALD’S LATER BOOKS. 4 vols., 16mo, $6.00.

Donald Grant. 
Weighed and Wanting. 
Warlock o’ Glenwarlock.

HILL REST SERIES. 3 vols., 16mo, $3.75

Hill Rest. 
Keenie’s To-morrow. 

HOUSEKEEPER’S LIBRARY.  Extra cloth bindings, uniform, black and red stamps. 4 vols. $4.00.

Anna Maria’s Housekeeping.  By Mrs. S.D.  Power. 
Cookery for Beginners.  By Marion Harland. 
Twenty-six Hours a Day.  By Mary Blake. 
Domestic problems:  Work and Culture in the Household.  By
Mrs. A.M.  Diaz.

HONOR BRIGHT SERIES.  By Magnus Merriweather. 3 vols, 16mo. $3.75.

Honor Bright. 
Royal Lowrie. 
Royal Lowrie’s last year at St. Olaves.

PEACE ISLAND SERIES. 6 vols., 12mo, cloth. $4.50.  Six to ten full-page illustrations in each volume.

Jo Lambert’s Ferry.  By George Cary Eggleston.  With other
stories of the frontier and early settlers. 
Dolly’s Kettledrum.  By Nora Perry.  With other stories for
Nellie’s Heroes.  By Harriet Beecher Stowe.  With other
Heroic stories. 
Lost in Pompeii.  By H.H.  Clark, U.S.N.  With other
stories of Adventure. 
Peace Island.  By Eliot McCormick.  With other
stories for boys. 
Katy’s Birthday.  By Sara O. Jewett.  With other stories by
famous authors.

MIDWINTER TALES. 8 vols., 16mo, cloth, ill. $3.20.

Christmas Charity. 
Black and Grey Prince. 
Child Life in Labrador. 
A Confederate Christmas. 
Artist and Bear. 
How the Boys woke Him. 
Mrs. McAllister’s Company.

SPARE MINUTE SERIES.  “The significance of the name of this series is seen from the fact that ‘Thoughts that Breathe,’ for instance, has 300 pages, and contains 273 separately numbered and independent extracts.  Thus a person can read one or more of these at a time, and put the book down without breaking the train of thought.” 6 vols., full imitation calf. $9.00

Thoughts that Breathe.  From Dean Stanley.  Introduction by Phillips Brooks.  Cheerful Words.  From George MacDonald.  Introduction by James T. Fields.  The Might of Right.  From Rt.  Hon. Wm. E. Gladstone.  Introduction by John D. Long.  True Manliness.  From Thomas Hughes.  Introduction by James Russell Lowell.  Living Truths.  From Charles Kingsley.  Introduction by W.D.  Howells.  Right to the Point.  From Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler, D.D.  With a sketch of his life.  By Mary Storrs Haynes.  With an introduction by Rev. Newman Hall, LL.D.

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