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OUR CLUB LIBRARY. 4 vols. $5.00.

Their Club and Ours. 
A Double Masquerade. 
Old Caravan Days. 
From the Hudson to the Neva.

POPULAR BIOGRAPHIES. 18 vols.  Just added.  Life of Nelson.  Life of
Charles XII. 12mo, illustrated. $1.50 each.


A Boy’s Workshop.  By a Boy and his Friends.  Edited by
Henry Randall Waite. 
Old Ocean.  By Ernest Ingersoll. 
Door Yard Folks.  Amanda B. Harris. 
Magna Charta Stories.  Arthur Gilman and others. 
Great Composers.  Hezekiah Butterworth. 
The Travelling Law School.  Benjamin Vaughan Abbott
Pleasant Authors.  Amanda B. Harris

YENSIE WALTON BOOKS. 12mo, cloth, Illust. $1.50 each. 5 vols. $7.50

Yensie Walton. 
Yensie Walton’s Womanhood. 
Our Street. 
The Triple E.

FIRELIGHT STORIES. 6 vols. cloth. $3.00.  The largest and most fully illustrated books in cloth binding ever issued for the price.

The Sawing Match.  By Ada Carleton. 
Picnic Days.  By George B. Bartlett. 
Uncle Archie’s Cane.  By M.E.W.S. 
How Dot heard the “Messiah.”  By Hezekiah Butterworth. 
The Mirage Man.  By Theodora R. Jenness. 
Rob’s Father.  By Eleanor Putnam.

LOTHROP’S LIBRARY OF ENTERTAINING History.  Edited by Arthur Gilman, M.A.  Each vol. to have 100 illustrations.  These histories are designed to furnish in a succinct but interesting form, such descriptions of the lands treated as shall meet the wants of those busy readers who cannot devote themselves to the study of detailed and elaborate works, but who wish to be well informed in historical matters. 6 vols, 12mo, $9.00.

History of the American People.  By The Editor. 
India.  By Fannie Roper Feudge. 
Egypt.  By Mrs. Clara Erskine Clement. 
China.  By Robert K. Douglas. 
Spain.  By Prof.  James Herbert Harrison. 
Switzerland.  By Miss Harriet D.S.  McKenzie. 
Other volumes in preparation.

MARIE OLIVER STORIES. 4 vols., 12mo, cloth, illustrated, $6.00.

Margie’s Mission. 
Ruby Hamilton. 
Old and New Friends. 
Seba’s Discipline.

TO-DAY SERIES. 6 vols., cloth. $7.50.

To-days and Yesterdays.  By Carrie Adelaide Cooke. 
The Lord’s Pursebearers.  By Hesba Stratton. 
From June to June.  By Carrie Adelaide Cooke. 
A Fortunate Failure.  By Caroline B. LeRow. 
Milly’s Little Wanderer.  By Mrs. Susie A. Bisbee. 
Soldier and Servant.  By Ella M. Baker.

CHRISTMAS HEARTH LIBRARY. 5 vols. $2.50 Each volume illustrated from original designs.

Who ate the Pink Sweetmeat?  By Susan Coolidge, and other
Christmas Stories. 
The Cow with Golden Horns.  By Mary E. Wilkins, and other
Little Luckie.  By Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, and other stories. 
The Washington’s English Home.  By Rose Kingsley, and
other stories of Biography. 
The Bear Family.  By Ernest Ingersoll, and stories in Natural

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