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Golden Lines.  Price, $1.50.

To any one who loves the Lord Jesus, and wishes to be more like him, this will prove a book of rare interest.

Luck of Alden Farm.  Price, $1.50.

One of the most successful books for the young, by one of the best religious writers of the day.—­Zion’s Herald.

Glimpses Through.  Price, $1.50.

A beautiful story, presenting noble views of sickness, death, and the future world.

Grace Avery’s Influence.  Price, $1.50.

It is a book that will strongly call to a life that has both nobility and beauty in it.

* * * * *

YOUNG FOLKS’ SERIES. 12mos for young folks, at $1.50 each. 33 vols.  A carefully selected list of books.  Each volume illustrated and bound in English cloth, with attractive black and gold stamps.  The best books to meet the demand for popular 12mos yet offered.

Island Home. 
Myths and Heroes. 
Zina or Morning Mists. 
Captive in Patagonia. 
Silver Sands. 
Battles Lost and Won. 
Agnes and Her Neighbors. 
African Adventurers. 
Noble Workers. 
Southern Explorers. 
Pioneers of the New World. 
Plymouth and the Pilgrims. 
Stella and the Priest. 
Paul and Virginia. 
Vicar of Wakefield. 
Knights and Sea Kings. 
Noble Printer. 
Will Phillips. 
Sister Eleanor’s Brood. 
Peter’s Strange Story. 
Old Schoolfellows. 
Stories of Success. 
Men of Mark
Soldiers and Patriots. 
Sure; or, It Pays. 
Violet Douglass. 
Classic Tales. 
Robinson Crusoe. 
More Ways than One. 
Their Children. 
First Explorers of North America.


4 vols., 12mo. $5.00

The Little Duke. 
The Prince and the Page. 
Lances of Lynwood. 
Golden Deeds.

YOUNG FOLKS’ BIOGRAPHIES.  Each volume 12mo, full illustrate 4 vols. $6.00.

Life of Washington.  By E.E.  Brown. 
William the Silent.  By Mary Barrett. 
Life of Paul.  By D.H.  Taylor. 
Queen Victoria.  By Grace Greenwood.

YOUNG HEROINE LIBRARY.  By PANSY. 5 vols. 12mo, cloth, illustrated. $5.00

Some young Heroines. 
Five Friends. 
Pansy’s Scrap Book. 
Next Things. 
Mrs. Harry Harper’s Awakening.

YOUNG VOYAGER’S LIBRARY, THE. 12 vols. 18 mo. $2.40

* * * * *


Every book in these marvellously cheap libraries will bear the closest criticism.  Each is fresh and interesting in matter, unexceptionable in tone and excellent in literary style.  These libraries as a whole, considering their character and cost, have no superior.

Select Sunday-school Library, No. 12, 20 vols., $ 5.00 net. " " " No. 9, 50 vols., $25.00 net. " " " No. 10, 12 vols., $ 5.00 net. " " " No. 11, 20 vols., $10.00 net. 
Pansy’s Primary Library, 30 vols., $7.50

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