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The Committee of Examiners, Rev. Drs. HEMAN LINCOLN, J.E.  RANKIN, and G.T.  DAY, commend the

New $500 Prize Series,

Now complete in 13 volumes, as more valuable and attractive than any books of their class heretofore examined.

Short-Comings and Long-Goings.  Price, $1.25

Full of sparkle and glow, and throbbing in every paragraph with intense life.  It teaches the highest lessons of duty and religion with equal quietude and effect.—­Rev. Dr. Day.

Lute Falconer.  Price, $1.50.

A story of rare interest, touching deeper chords of life.  It will be read with enthusiasm, and laid down with an appreciation of its high office.

Hester’s Happy Summer.  Price, $1.25.

It is rare to find a story of such sweetness and beauty.  The pathos Is tender and all pervading, and steals into the heart with a refining power.—­Heman Lincoln, D.D.

One Year of My Life.  Price, $1.25.

The author is a finished writer, with a large knowledge of books and of life, a keen insight into character, and a style of rare purity and grace.

Building-Stones.  Price, $1.25.

A successful attempt to teach Bible truths in a manner both interesting and instructive.

Susy’s Spectacles.  Price, $1.25.

It was a friend that taught this wayward little girl to use these spectacles, and they proved a perfect blessing to her, and, step by step, led her up to a Christian life.—­The Advance.

The Flower by the Prison.  Price, $1.25.

The style is cultivated and rich, well adapted to bring out the deeper life of the soul.

Trifles.  Price, $1.25.

“Trifles” may strike the key-note in some young life, and save the reader from a ruinous failure.—­Examiner and Chronicle.

The Judge’s Sons.  Price, $1.50.

An admirable book to put into the hands of boys exposed to temptations and in danger of going astray.—­Rev. Dr. Lincoln.

Daisy Seymour.  Price, $1.25.

“Daisy Seymour” shows, interestingly and impressively, the value of religion in the development and elevation of youthful character.

Olive Loring’s Mission.  Price, $1.25.

The rest gained faith, and the beauty and power of true piety, beautifully and impressively set forth.

The Torch-Bearers.  Price, $1.25.

Full of examples of love and self-denial, it teaches not only what one Christian woman may do, but how powerful is the influence of children for good if they are rightly taught.

The Trapper’s Niece.  Price, $1.25.

A story of Western life, illustrating the gradual separation of the good and bad elements as civilization advances, and the power of religion to unite and improve a community.—­Rev. Dr. Rankin.

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