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Soldier and Servant.

By ELLA M. BAKER.  “Soldier and Servant” is a motto bequeathed to the heroine by the mother who died when she was a babe, and which she early adopts, carrying its sentiment into all of the acts of her after life, the story of which will most assuredly furnish wholesome stimulus to every girl who reads it.  There are touches of humor, and graphic descriptions worthy of comparison with passages in Tom Brown’s Schooldays at Rugby. 16_mo_, $1.25.

Story of Puff.

By MRS. C.M.  LIVINGSTON.  It was truly said of the first edition of this little volume, that no more captivating story of bird-life was ever written, and that passages in it were worthy of comparison with those found in “Rab and his Friends.”  It is the autobiography of a canary bird, and every lover of the bird kind will read it with enthusiastic pleasure.  New edition. 16mo, cloth, fully illustrated, $.60.


A holiday novelty, cut shape of butterfly, with twelve color designs by Miss L.B.  Humphrey.  This really original and charming novelty imitates in outside appearance a large, handsome tropic butterfly; but, on parting the wings, we find between, on a dozen leaves shaped like the wings, the gracefully told story—­a prose poem in fact—­of “Girl Goldie” and her strange adventures with the butterflies.  Miss L.B.  Humphrey, the popular illustrator and winner of the Prang’s Christmas Card Prizes, has designed the wing covers and the twelve exquisite illustrations in colors. $1.25.

Tales of the Pathfinders.

By ARTHUR GILMAN.  Illustrated by Robert Lewis.  Romantic chapters from history detailing the experiences of some of those who left the Old World to find and possess the New.  An important volume. $1.00.

The Triple E.

By MRS. S.R.  GRAHAM CLARK.  A charming story with strange incident and involved plot attracting lovers of romance, and with firm ideals of character wrought out in the struggles and self-denials of daily life. $1.50.

Travelling Law School (The), AND FAMOUS TRIALS.

By BENJAMIN VAUGHAN ABBOTT, LL.  D. A series of easy talks to a party of young folks concerning law, also delineating the differing functions of national, state, city, and town governments, and illustrating legal principles by accounts of a dozen famous trials. $1.00.

William the Silent, AND THE NETHERLAND WAR.

By MARY BARRETT.  Withmaps and engravings. 12mo, illustrated, $1.50.

Young Folks’ History of the Netherlands.

By ALEX.  YOUNG.  A concise history of Holland and Belgium, 1 vol., 16mo, cloth, $1.50. Half Russia, $2.00.

* * * * *


AEsop’s Fables.

By REV.  T. JAMES, M.A.  Illustrated by J. Tenniel. 12mo, $1.00. Boards, $.50.

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