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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 206 pages of information about The Bay State Monthly Volume 2, No. 6, March, 1885.

In fact all of Pansy’s books have some special charm or attraction which makes them a power for good wherever read.


Every book in these marvellously cheap libraries will bear the closest criticism.  Each is fresh and interesting in matter, unexceptionable in tone and excellent in literary style.  These libraries as a whole, considering their character and cost have no superiors.

Select Sunday-school Library, No. 12, 20 vols., $5.00 net. " " " No. 9, 50 vols., 25.00 net. " " " No. 10, 12 vols., 5.00 net. " " " No. 11, 20 vols., 10.00 net.  Pansy’s Primary Library, 30 vols. 7.50 net.  Select Primary Sunday-school Library, 36 vols.,
  in extra cloth binding. 5.50 net.


BIBLE READER, THE.  By Rev. H.V.  Dexter, D.D. 16mo, .50.

BIBLE LESSONS FOR SUNDAY-SCHOOL CONCERTS AND ANNIVERSARIES.  By Edmund Clark. 18 numbers 5 cts. each.  Bound in 16mo. vol, cloth, $1.00.

BIBLE PICTURES.  By Rev. Geo. B. Ide, D.D. 12mo, $2.00.

FIFTY YEARS WITH THE SABBATH-SCHOOL.  By Rev. Asa Bullard, D.D. 12mo, cloth, $1.25.

HELP FOR SUNDAY-SCHOOL CONCERTS.  By A.P. and M.T.  Folsom. 16mo, $1.00.

SELF-GIVING.  A story of Christian missions.  By Rev. W.F.  Bainbridge. 12mo, cloth, illustrated, $1.50.

ROCK OF AGES.  By Rev. S.F.  Smith, D.D.  A choice collection of religious poems. 18mo, cloth, gilt edges, $1.25.

STUDY OF NAHUM (A).  By Professor Thos.  H. Rich, 16mo, $.40.

STORY OF THE PRAYERS OF CHRISTIAN HISTORY (The).  By Hezekiah Butterworth. 12mo, illustrated, $1.50.

WALKS TO EMMAUS.  By Rev. Nehemiah Adams.  Charming specimens of sermon literature. 12mo, $1.00.

WARS OF THE JEWS.  By Flavius Josephus.  Translated by William Whiston, M.A. 8vo, cloth, plain, $1.00.  Extra cloth, gilt top, fully illustrated, $1.50.

WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT [The]; or, The New Birth.  By Prof.  Austin Phelps, D.D. 16mo, $1.25.


It is often a difficult matter to determine what to use for Sunday-school anniversaries, etc.  To those in doubt, we would suggest the use of the following capital aids: 

BIBLE LESSONS FOR SUNDAY-SCHOOLS, CONCERTS AND ANNIVERSARIES.  By Edmund Clark. 18 numbers, 5 cents each.  Bound in one 16mo volume, cloth, $1.00.

HELP FOR SUNDAY-SCHOOL CONCERTS.  By A.P. and M.T.  Folsom.  A choice collection of poems. 16mo, $1.00.

ENTERTAINMENTS.  By Lizzie W. Champney.  For concerts, exhibitions, church festivals, etc. 15mo, Illustrated. $1.00.


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