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D. Lothrop & Co. publish among others the following admirable temperance books.

The only way Out.  By J.W.  Willing. $1.50
John Bremm.  By A.A.  Hopkins. 1.25
Sinner and Saint. by A.A.  Hopkins 1.25
The Tempter Behind.  By John Saunders. 1.25
Good Work.  By Mary D. Chellis. 1.50
Mystery of the Lodge.  By Mary D. Chellis. 1.50
Finished or Not.  By the author of “Fabrics.” 1.50
Modern Prophets.  By Pansy and Faye Huntington. 1.50
May Bell.  By Hubert Newbury. 1.50

TEMPERANCE REFORMATION, The, and Its Claims upon the Christian Church.  By Rev. James Smith, of Scotland. 8 vo. $2.50.

Sunday-school teachers and superintendents will find the above books admirably adapted to the purpose of teaching great moral lessons, while they are also full of pleasure and interest to young readers.


Among attractive and valuable Libraries issued in sets at prices which place them not only beyond competition, but within the easy reach of all, are

Best Way Series. 3 vols., illust. $1.50
Half Hour Library, by PANSY. 8 vols., illust. 3.20
Little People’s Home Library. 12 vols., illust. 3.00
Little Pansy Series. 10 vols., illust.  Cloth, $4.00; boards. 3.00
Little May’s Picture Library. 12 vols., illust. 2.40
Mother’s Boys and Girls, by PANSY. 12 vols., illust. 3.00
Rainy Day Library. 8 vols., illust. 4.00
Spring Blossom. 12 vols., illust. 3.00
Stories from the Bible, 1st and 2d Series.  Each .15
Twisty Clover Series. 6 vols., illust. 1.20
Happy Thought Library. 6 vols., large 18mo, illust. 3.00
Little Neighbor Series. 6 vols., large 18mo, illust. 1.50
May and Tom Library. 5 vols., 18mo, illust. 3.00
Sunny Dell Series. 6 vols., 18mo, illust. 3.60
Side by Side library. 3 vols., 16mo, illust. 1.80


The works of this popular author are universally acknowledged to be among the very best of all books for Sunday-school reading.  Earnest, hopeful, practical, full of the spirit of Christian faith and courage, they are also in the highest degree interesting.


Each volume, 12mo, $1.50.

Chautauqua Girls at Home.

Divers Women.

Echoing and Re-echoing.

Endless Chain (An).

Ester Ried.

Ester Ried Yet Speaking.

Four Girls at Chautauqua.

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