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Sturdy Jack Series. 6 vols., 12mo, illust. 4.50
To-day Series.  New and of extraordinary excellence. 6 vols.,
    illust. 7.50
Child Life Series. 26 vols., illust.  Each 1.00
Hill Rest Series. 3 vols., 16mo, illust. 3.75
Uncle Max Series. 8 vols., illust. 6.00
Yensie Walton Books. 5 vols., 12mo, illust. 7.50


Nothing at once so good and cheap is anywhere to be found.  These choice 16mo volumes of 300 to 500 pages, clear type, carefully printed, with handsome and durable covers of manilla paper, and embracing some of the best stories by popular American authors, are published at the low price of 25 cents per volume, and mailed postpaid.  One number issued each month.  No second edition will be printed in this style.  The regular edition is issued in cloth bindings at $1.25 to $1.75 per volume.  Among the numbers already published at 25 cents each as above are

1.  Tip Lewis and his lamp, by PANSY. 2.  Margie’s Mission by MARIE OLIVER. 3.  Kitty Kent’s Trouble, by JULIA A. EASTMAN. 4.  Mrs. Hurd’s Niece, by ELLA FARMAN PRATT, editor of WIDE AWAKE. 5.  Evening Rest, by REV.  J.L.  PRATT.

Other equally charming stories will follow each month.  The Library is especially commended to Sunday-school superintendents or those interested in securing choice Sunday-school books at lowest prices.  Attention is called to the necessity of early orders, as when the present editions are exhausted, no more copies of the several volumes can be had at the same price.


Admirable books in history, biography and story.

Fern Glen Series. 31 vols., illust.  Each 1.25
Young Folks’ Series. 33 vols., illust.  Each 1.50
Popular Biographies. 18 vols., illust.  Each 1.50
Young Folks’ Histories, by MISS YONGE and others. 10 vols.,
     illust.  Each 1.50
Yonge’s Historical Stories. 4 vols., illust.  Each 1.25
The $1000 Prize Books.  A fresh edition in new style of
     binding. 16 vols., 12mo. 24.50
The new $500 Prize Series.  A fresh edition in new style of
     binding. 13 vols., 12mo. 16.75
The Original $500 Prize Series.  A fresh edition in new style
     of binding. 8 vols., 12mo. 12.00


No Sunday-school library is complete without some well-chosen volumes showing the evils of intemperance, the great curse which good men and women are everywhere endeavoring to remove.

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