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Rev. Geo. L. Prentiss, D.D., Professor of Sacred Rhetoric in Union Theological Seminary, New York City, says: 

“The Cambridge Sermons have both refreshed and edified me in a high degree.  They are full of spiritual power and light and sweetness.  I have read them with real delight.”

Rev. Edward B. Coe, D.D., pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City, writes: 

“It is a volume which it will do any man good to read, as a broad, fresh, eminently spiritual presentation of Christian truth.  Coming from under the shadow of a great university, these sermons are not scholastic, but in the best sense popular and practical.  They show unusual felicity of statement and illustration, and are thoroughly alive, with a keen sensibility to the thoughts and the wants of living men.  Quickening and suggestive to the mind, they have the rarer power of touching chords of feeling which few preachers reach.”

Rev. Cephas B. Crane, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Boston, says: 

“The excellence of these sermons is manifold.  They are such sermons as the distinguished preacher is in the habit of giving to his people, sermons for instruction and help, and not exceptional sermons for conspicuous occasions.

“They are structural; but the beams and braces are out of sight.  They are living things supported and shaped by their skeletons, not caged in them.  Remarkable for scope and freedom and boldness, they are guided in all their movement by the spirit of the Sacred Word.  They both stimulate thought and invigorate faith.  Fresh and fragrant and breezy, one delights himself in them as in a garden in a June morning.  From their exquisite diction one might almost infer the graceful elocution of their author.  They are sermons to which the reader will often return.” (12mo, $1.50.)


The following brief extracts from the large number of favorable notices of this valuable book show the great cordiality with which it has been received.

“We have nothing as good.”—­N.Y.  Independent.

“The most attractive.”—­Boston Literary World.

“Nothing better.”—­Boston Transcript.

“Valuable as a book of reference.”—­Pittsfield Eagle.

“Its accuracy will stand.”—­Boston Transcript.

“Easy and readable style.”—­Boston Journal.

“Graceful style ...  Marvellously full ...  Animation of the book is a still greater marvel.”—­N.Y.  Independent.

“Will be read in all sections of the country with equal interest and esteem.”—­The South.

“The author writes with entire candor in regard to the history of the secession movement, and yet there is nothing in his history that can properly give offence to the readers in any section of the country.”—­The Capitol, Washington.

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