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I did not call the social system a violation of the pledges to the country, but I do affirm that the business tyranny of Mormon leaders is an express violation of the covenant made, for they do not leave their followers free in secular affairs.  They tyrannize over them, and their tyranny spreads even to the Gentiles.  In all this I charge that every apostle is a party to the wrong and to the violation.  Although I speak of the president of the church as the leader, the monarch in fact, every apostle is one of his ministers, one of his creators, and also one of his creatures, and possibly his successor; and the whole system depends upon the manner in which the apostles and the other leaders shall support the chief leader.  As no apostle has ever protested against this system, but has, by every means in his power, encouraged it, he can not escape his share of the responsibility for it.  It is an evil; they aid it.  It is a violation of the pledge upon which statehood was granted; they profit by it.


I pass now to the political aspect of this hierarchy, as some call it, but this monarchy as I choose to term it.

I have previously called your attention to the social and business powers, monopolies, autocracies, exercised by the leaders.  Through these channels of social and business relations they can spread the knowledge of their political desires without appearing obtrusively in politics.  When the end of their desire is accomplished, they affect to wash their hands of all responsibility by denying that they engaged in political activities.  Superficial persons, and those desiring to accept this argument, are convinced by it.  But never, in the palmy days of Brigham Young, was there a more complete political tyranny than is exercised by the present president of the Mormon Church and his apostles, who are merely awaiting the time when by the death of their seniors in rank they may become president, and select some other man to hold the apostleship in their place—­as they now hold it in behalf of the ruling monarch.

In this statement I merely call your attention to what a perfect system of ecclesiastical government is maintained by these presidents and apostles; and I do not need to more than indicate to you what a wonderous aid their ecclesiastical government can be, and is, in accomplishing their political purposes.

Parties are nothing to these leaders, except as parties may be used by them.  So long as there is Republican administration and Congress, they will lead their followers to support Republican tickets; but if, by any chance, the Democratic party should control this Government, with a prospect of continuance in power, you would see a gradual veering around under the direction of the Mormon leaders.  When Republicans are in power the Republican leaders of the Mormon people are in evidence and the Democratic leaders are in

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