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Mabini was arrested by the American forces in September, 1899, and remained a prisoner until September 23, 1900.  Following his release, he lived for a while in a suburb of Manila, in a poor nipa house, under the most adverse and trying circumstances.  He was in abject poverty.

In spite of his terrible suffering from paralysis, Mabini continued writing.  He severely criticised the government, voicing the sentiments of the Filipino people for freedom.  He was ordered to desist, but to this, in one of his writings to the people, he replied:  “To tell a man to be quiet when a necessity not fulfilled is shaking all the fibers of his being is tantamount to asking a hungry man to be filled before taking the food which he needs.”

Mabini’s logic was a real embarrassment to the American military forces, and in January, 1901, he was arrested a second time by the Americans.  This time he was exiled to the island of Guam, where he remained until his return to Manila on February 26, 1903.

Mabini died in Manila, of cholera, May 13, 1903, at the age of 39 years.  His funeral was the most largely attended of any ever held in Manila.

Although he died from natural causes, Mabini died a martyr to the cause of Philippine independence.  Five years of persecution left his intense patriotism untouched, but it had made his physical self a ready victim for a premature death.

="The true decalogue"=

=By Apolinario Mabini=

First.  Thou shalt love God and thy honor above all things:  God as the fountain of all truth, of all justice and of all activity; and thy honor, the only power which will oblige thee to be faithful, just and industrious.

Second.  Thou shalt worship God in the form which thy conscience may deem most righteous and worthy:  for in thy conscience, which condemns thy evil deeds and praises thy good ones, speaks thy God.

Third.  Thou shalt cultivate the special gifts which God has granted thee, working and studying according to thy ability, never leaving the path of righteousness and justice, in order to attain thy own perfection, by means whereof thou shalt contribute to the progress of humanity; thus; thou shalt fulfill the mission to which God has appointed thee in this life and by so doing, thou shalt be honored, and being honored, thou shalt glorify thy God.

Fourth.  Thou shalt love thy country after God and thy honor and more than thyself:  for she is the only Paradise which God has given thee in this life, the only patrimony of thy race, the only inheritance of thy ancestors and the only hope of thy posterity; because of her, thou hast life, love and interests, happiness, honor and God.

Fifth.  Thou shalt strive for the happiness of thy country before thy own, making of her the kingdom of reason, of justice and of labor:  for if she be happy, thou, together with thy family, shalt likewise be happy.

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