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Tom’s nag is fat; his dog is not fat.

Nat is on Tom’s nag.

Nat’s dog, Rab, can not catch the rat.

See the frog on the log.

A lad sees the frog.

The lad can not catch it.

A cat is on the mat; the cat sees a rat.

Ann’s fan is on the stand.

The man has a lamp.

A dog ran at the man.

Ann sat on a log.

[Illustration:  Script exercise: 

Tom sees Nat’s dog.

A fat frog is on the log.

Can not Rab catch it?


nest this eggs she in get box hen

e x sh

[Illustration:  Cat watching hen, watching eggs in nest.]

the box a nest

This is a fat hen.

The hen has a nest in the box.

She has eggs in the nest.

A cat sees the nest, and can get the eggs.


old run fox o u

[Illustration:  Dog chasing fox away from a hen.]

Can this old fox catch the hen?

The fox can catch the hen, and get the eggs in the nest.

Run, Rab, and catch the fox.

[Illustration:  Script Exercise:  This nest has eggs in it. ]


pond ducks them feed Nell I by will

i y ch w

[Illustration:  Girl watching ducks on pond.]

Nell is by the pond.

I see ducks on the pond.

Nell sees the ducks, and will feed them.

She can not get the ducks


holds   to   blind   Mary   hand   kind
a    o    k    y

[Illustration:  Girl lead old, blind man.]

This old man can not see.

He is blind.

Mary holds him by the hand.

She is kind to the old blind man.


I see ducks on the pond; Tom will feed them.

Tom is blind; he holds a box in his hand.

Nell is kind to him.

This old hen has a nest.

Mary will run and get the eggs.


Sue doll dress new her

let e u ew

[Illustration:  Two girls sitting by tree, playing with dolls.]

Sue has a doll.

It has a new dress.

She will let Ann hold the doll in her hands, and Ann will fan it.

Sue is kind to Ann.


there   five   bird   tree   rob   do
e   i   v

[Illustration:  Cat watching bird and eggs in nest on tree top.]

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