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III.  Wenooa-ette, or Otokootaia, visited.  Account of that Island, and of its Produce.  Hervey’s Island, or Terougge mou Attooa, found to be inhabited.  Transactions with the Natives.  Their Persons, Dress, Language, Canoes.  Fruitless Attempt to land there.  Reason for bearing away for the Friendly Islands.  Palmerston’s Island touched at.  Description of the two Places where the Boats landed.  Refreshments obtained there.  Conjectures on the Formation of such low Islands.  Arrival at the Friendly Islands,

IV.  Intercourse with the Natives of Komango, and other Islands.  Arrival at Annamooka.  Transactions there.  Feenou, a principal Chief, from Tongataboo, comes on a Visit.  The Manner of his Reception in the Island, and on board.  Instances of the pilfering Disposition of the Natives.  Some Account of Annamooka.  The Passage from it to Hepaee,

V. Arrival of the Ships at Hepaee, and friendly Reception there.  Presents and Solemnities on the Occasion.  Single Combats with Clubs.  Wrestling and Boxing Matches.  Female Combatants.  Marines exercised.  A Dance performed by Men.  Fireworks exhibited.  The Night-entertainments of Singing and Dancing particularly described,

Sect.  VI.  Description of Lefooga.  Its cultivated State.  Its Extent.  Transactions there.  A female Oculist.  Singular Expedients for shaving off the Hair.  The Ships change their Station.  A remarkable Mount and Stone.  Description of Hoolaiva.  Account of Poulaho, King of the Friendly Islands.  Respectful Manner in which he is treated by his People.  Departure from the Hepaee Islands.  Some Account of Kotoo.  Return of the Ships to Annamooka.  Poulaho and Feenou meet Arrival at Tongataboo,

VII.  Friendly Reception at Tongataboo.  Manner of distributing a baked Hog and Kava to Poulaho’s Attendants.  The Observatory, &c. erected.  The Village where the Chiefs reside, and the adjoining Country, described.  Interviews with Mareewagee, and Toobou, and the King’s Son.  A grand Haiva, or Entertainment of Songs and Dances, given by Mareewagee.  Exhibition of Fireworks.  Manner of Wrestling and Boxing.  Distribution of the Cattle.  Thefts committed by the Natives.  Poulaho, and the other Chiefs, confined on that Account.  Poulaho’s Present and Haiva,

VIII.  Some of the Officers plundered by the Natives.  A fishing Party.  A Visit to Poulaho.  A Fiatooka described.  Observations on the Country Entertainments at Poulaho’s House.  His Mourning Ceremony.  Of the Kava Plant, and the Manner of preparing the Liquor.  Account of Onevy, a little Island.  One of the Natives wounded by a Sentinel.  Messrs King and Anderson visit the King’s Brother.  Their Entertainment.  Another Mourning Ceremony.  Manner of passing the Night.  Remarks on the Country they passed through.  Preparations made for Sailing.  An Eclipse of the Sun, imperfectly observed.  Mr Anderson’s Account of the Island, and its Productions,

Sect.  IX.  A grand Solemnity, called Natche, in Honour of the King’s Son, performed.  The Procession and other Ceremonies, during the first Day, described.  The Manner of passing the Night at the King’s House.  Continuation of the Solemnity the next Day; Conjectures about the Nature of it.  Departure from Tongataboo, and the Arrival at Eooa.  Account of that Island, and Transactions there,

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