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Their language is far from being harsh or disagreeable, though the pronunciation is frequently guttural; and whatever qualities are requisite in any other language to make it musical, certainly obtain to a considerable degree here, if we may judge from the melody of some sorts of their songs.  It is also sufficiently comprehensive, though, in many respects, deficient, if compared with our European languages, which owe their perfection to long improvement.  But a small specimen is here subjoined, from which some judgment may be formed.  I collected a great many of their words, both now and in the course of our former voyage; and being equally attentive, in my enquiries, about the languages of the other islands throughout the South Sea, I have the amplest proof of their wonderful agreement, or rather identity.  This general observation has, indeed, been already made in the accounts of the former voyages.  I shall be enabled, however, to confirm and strengthen it, by a fresh list of words, selected from a large vocabulary in my possession; and by placing, in the opposite column, the corresponding words as used at Otaheite, the curious reader will, at one view, be furnished with sufficient materials for judging by what subordinate changes the difference of dialect has been effected.

English New Zealand.  Otahaita. Water, Ewy, Evy. A tail of a dog, Wyeroo, Ero. Death, dead, Kaoo, matte, matte, roa. To fly, Ererre, Eraire. A house, Ewharre, Ewharre. To sleep, Moea, Moe. A fish-hook, Makoee, Matou. Shut, Opanee, Opanee. A bed, Moenga Moera. A butterfly, Epaipe, Pepe. To chew, or eat, Hekaee, Ey. Cold, Makkareede, Mareede. To-day, Agooanai, Aooanai. The hand, Reenga, Ereema. Large, Keeerahoi, Erahoi. Red, Whairo, Oora, oora. We, Taooa, Taooa. Where is it?  Kahaia, Tehaia. A stone, Powhy, Owhy. A man, Tangata, Taata. Black, Purra, purra, Ere, ere. White, Ema, Ooama. To reside, or dwell, Nohoanna, Nohonoa, Out, not within, Woho, Woho. Male kind (of any animal), Toa, Etoa. Female, Eoowha, Eooha. A
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