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II.  Passage of the Resolution to Teneriffe.  Reception there.  Description of Santa Cruz Road.  Refreshments to be met with.  Observations for fixing the Longitude of Teneriffe.  Some Account of the Island.  Botanical Observations.  Cities of Santa Cruz and Laguna, Agriculture.  Air and Climate.  Commerce.  Inhabitants,

III.  Departure from Teneriffe.  Danger of the Ship near Bonavista.  Isle of Mayo.  Port Praya.  Precautions against the Rain and sultry Weather in the Neighbourhood of the Equator.  Position of the Coast of Brazil.  Arrival at the Cape of Good Hope.  Transactions there.  Junction of the Discovery.  Mr Anderson’s Journey up the Country.  Astronomical Observations.  Nautical Remarks on the Passage from England to the Cape, with regard to the Currents and the Variation,

Sect.  IV.  The two Ships leave the Cape of Good Hope.  Two Islands, named Prince Edward’s, seen, and their Appearance described.  Kerguelen’s Land visited.  Arrival in Christmas Harbour.  Occurrences there.  Description of it,

V. Departure from Christmas Harbour.  Range along the Coast, to discover its Position and Extent.  Several Promontories and Bays, and a Peninsula, described and named.  Danger from Shoals, Another Harbour and a Sound.  Mr Anderson’s Observations on the Natural Productions, Animals, Soil, &c. of Kerguelen’s Land,

VI.  Passage from Kerguelen’s to Van Diemen’s Land.  Arrival in Adventure Bay.  Incidents there.  Interviews with the Natives.  Their Persons and Dress described.  Account of their Behaviour.  Table of the Longitude, Latitude, and Variation.  Mr Anderson’s Observations on the Natural, Productions of the Country, on the Inhabitants, and their Language,

VII.  The Passage from Van Diemen’s Land to New Zealand.  Employments in Queen Charlotte’s Sound.  Transactions with the Natives there.  Intelligence about the Massacre of the Adventure’s Boat’s Crew.  Account of the Chief who headed the Party on that Occasion.  Of the two young Men who embark to attend Omai.  Various Remarks on the Inhabitants.  Astronomical and Nautical Observations,

VIII.  Mr Anderson’s Remarks on the Country near Queen Charlotte’s Sound.  The Soil.  Climate.  Weather.  Winds.  Trees.  Plants.  Birds.  Fish.  Other Animals.  Of the Inhabitants.  Description of their Persons.  Their Dress.  Ornaments.  Habitations.  Boats.  Food and Cookery.  Arts.  Weapons.  Cruelty to Prisoners.  Various Customs.  Specimen of their Language,

Chap.  II From leaving New Zealand to our Arrival at Otaheite, or the Society Islands,

Sect.  I. Prosecution of the Voyage.  Behaviour of the two New Zealanders on board.  Unfavourable Winds.  An Island called Mangeea discovered.  The Coast of it examined.  Transactions with the Natives.  An Account of their Persons, Dress, and Canoes.  Description of the Island.  A Specimen of the Language.  Disposition of the Inhabitants,

II.  The Discovery of an Island called Wateeoo.  Its Coasts examined.—­Visits from the Natives on board the Ships.  Mess, Gore, Burney, and Anderson, with Omai, sent on Shore.  Mr Anderson’s Narrative of their Reception.  Omai’s Expedient to prevent their being detained.  His meeting with some of his Countrymen, and their distressful Voyage.  Farther Account of Wateeoo, and of its Inhabitants,

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