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Published, February 1915

my little boy


Good-by! good-by! Frontispiece
facing page
Arno:  You are wanted 42

Hedwig:  Franz?     }
Amelia:  Franz, too }                        62

Amelia:  No, you must not!  You have too
much to live for 66

This play was first produced
on January 25, 1915, at
B.F.  KEITH’S Palace theatre,
new York City,
with the following cast: 

Hedwig (Joan)                  Mme. Nazimova
Amelia (Amy)                      Mary Alden
Mother                     Gertrude Berkeley
Hoffman (Joseph Kerman)       Charles Bryant
Minna                           Edith Speare
Arno                                C. Brown
Hertz (Captain Bragg)         William Hasson

    Peasants, Women and Soldiers.

    Time—­Present.  Place—­A War-Ridden Country.

    Personal Manager for Madame Nazimova
    William F. Muenster


    The war brides were cheered with enthusiasm and the churches were
    crowded when the wedding parties spoke the ceremony in
    concert.—­Press clipping.

Scene:  A room in a peasant’s cottage in a war-ridden country.  A large fireplace at the right.  Near it a high-backed settle.  On the left a heavy oak table and benches.  Woven mats on the floor.  A door at left leads into a bedroom.  In the corner a cupboard.  At the back a wide window with scarlet geraniums and an open door.  A few firearms are stacked near the fireplace.  There is an air of homely color and neatness about the room.

Through the open door may be seen women stacking grain.  Others go by carrying huge baskets of grapes or loads of wood, and gradually it penetrates the mind that all these workers are women, aristocrats and peasants side by side.  Now and then a bugle blows or a drum beats in the distance.  A squad of soldiers marches quickly by.  There is everywhere the tense atmosphere of unusual circumstance, the anxiety and excitement of war.

Amelia, a slight, flaxen-haired girl of nineteen, comes in.  She brushes off the hay with which she is covered, and goes to packing a bag with a secret, but determined, air.  The Mother passes the window and appears in the doorway.  She is old and work-worn, but sturdy and stoical.  Now she carries a heavy load of wood, and is weary.  She casts a sharp eye at Amelia.

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