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[Footnote 51:  J.A.  Picton (The Mystery of Matter, p. 356) puts the matter well:  “Mysticism consists in the spiritual realisation of a grander and a boundless unity, that humbles all self-assertion by dissolving it in a wider glory.  It does not follow that the sense of individuality is necessarily weakened.  But habitual contemplation of the Divine unity impresses men with the feeling that individuality is phenomenal only.  Hence the paradox of Mysticism.  For apart from this phenomenal individuality, we should not know our own nothingness, and personal life is good only through the bliss of being lost in God. [Rather, I should say, through the bliss of finding our true life, which is hid with Christ in God.] True religious worship doth not consist in the acknowledgment of a greatness which is estimated by comparison, but rather in the sense of a Being who surpasses all comparison, because He gives to phenomenal existences the only reality they can know.  Hence the deepest religious feeling necessarily shrinks from thinking of God as a kind of gigantic Self amidst a host of minor selves.  The very thought of such a thing is a mockery of the profoundest devotion.”]

[Footnote 52:  See, further, Appendix C, pp. 366-7.]

[Footnote 53:  [Greek:  hena genesthai ton anthropon dei]:  Pythagoras quoted by Clement.  Cf.  Plotinus, Enn. vi. 9.  I, [Greek:  kai hugieia de, hotan eis hen syntachthe to soma, kai kallos hotan he tou henos ta moria katasche physis, kai arete de psyches hotan eis hen kai eis mian homologian henothe].]

[Footnote 54:  Proclus, in Tim. 83. 265.]

[Footnote 55:  Aug. Ep. 187. 19:  “Deus totus adesse rebus omnibus potest, et singulis totus, quamvis in quibus habitat habeant eum pro suae capacitatis diversitate, alii amplius, alii minus.”  More clearly still, Bonaventura, Itin. ment. ad Deum, 5:  “Totum intra omnia, et totum extra:  ac per hoc est sphaera intelligibilis, cuius centrum est ubique, et circumferentia nusquam.”]


[Greek:  “To eu zen edidaxen epiphaneis os didaskalos, hina to aei zen husteron os theos choregese.”]


   “But souls that of His own good life partake
    He loves as His own self:  dear as His eye
    They are to Him; He’ll never them forsake: 
    When they shall die, then God Himself shall die: 
    They live, they live in blest eternity.”


   “Amor Patris Filiique,
    Par amborum, et utrique
      Compar et consimilis: 
    Cuncta reples, cuncta foves,
    Astra regis, coelum moves,
      Permanens immobilis.

    “Te docente nil obscurum,
    Te praesente nil impurum;
      Sub tua praesentia
    Gloriatur mens iucunda;
    Per te laeta, per te munda
      Gaudet conscientia.

    “Consolator et fundator,
    Habitator et amator
      Cordium humilium;
    Pelle mala, terge sordes,
    Et discordes fac concordes,
      Et affer praesidium.”

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