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POTATO CROQUETTES OR CUTLETS.—­These are very similar to potato balls, only they should be smaller and more delicately flavoured.  The potatoes are boiled and mashed, and, if the croquettes are wished to be very good, one or two hard-boiled yolks of eggs should be mixed with them.  The mixture is slightly flavoured with shallot, savoury herbs or thyme, chopped parsley, and a little nutmeg.  One or two fresh well-beaten-up eggs are now added, the mixture then rolled into small balls no bigger than a walnut.  These are then dipped in well-beaten-up egg, and then bread-crumbed.  The balls are fried a nice golden-brown colour and served.

Potato cutlets are exactly the same, only instead of shaping the mixture into a little ball, the ball is flattened into the shape of a small oval cutlet.  These are then egged, bread-crumbed, and fried, but before being sent to table a small piece of green parsley stalk is stuck in one end to represent the bone of the cutlet.  These little cutlets, placed on an ornamental sheet of white paper, at the bottom of the silver dish, look very pretty.  A small heap of fried parsley should be placed in the centre of the dish.




POTATO, BORDER OF.—­A very pretty dish can be made by making a border of mashed potatoes, hollow in the centre, in which can be placed various kinds of other vegetables, such as haricot beans, stewed peas, &c.  The mashed potato should be mixed with one or two well-beaten-up eggs, and the outside of the border can be moulded by hand, to make it look smooth and neat; a piece of flexible tin, flat, will be found very useful, or even a piece of cardboard.  If you wish to make the border ornamental, you can proceed exactly as directed under the heading Rice Borders, and if it is wished to make the dish particularly handsome, it can be painted outside, before being placed in the oven, with a yolk of egg beaten up with a tiny drop of hot water.  When this is done, the potato border has an appearance similar in colour to the rich pastry generally seen outside a pie, or vol au vent.  The inside of the potato border after it has been scooped out can be filled with plain boiled macaroni mixed with Parmesan cheese, and ornamented with a little chopped parsley on the top and a few small baked red ripe tomatoes.  Again, it can be filled with white haricot beans piled up in the shape of a dome, with some chopped parsley sprinkled over the top.  There are, perhaps, few dishes in vegetarian cookery that can be made to look more elegant.

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